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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead Can we stop runnning?
This week, the Research Inspector discusses a study that examined why people make off after being involved in road traffic collisions and if it is possible to influence them to report rather than run.
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<b><i>Keynote speaker Professor<br>Amanda Robinson Innovation on abuse
Policing domestic abuse has been put under the spotlight at a major research forum looking at how early intervention can have a significant impact on one of the biggest issues facing society.
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<b><i>Ian MacDonald Learning to stop
Ian Macdonald discusses the current debate over whether stop and search should assist in reducing violent crime and the lessons that could be gleaned from body-worn video and other public safety campaigns.
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Breaking the addiction
Crack cocaine use is on the rise, including for the first time among the young. We ask why is it such a difficult drug to tackle?
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Fractured reforms
Implementing change across the criminal justice system continues to elude new technology and legislation. Senior leaders discuss the challenges to modernising proceedings across numerous agencies.
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<b><i>Dr Rick Muir Adding rigour
Police Professional examines the work of the UK’s only policing think-tank.
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<b><i>Neil Basu speaking at the<br>FBI National Academy Lessons across borders
The growth of international crime, trafficking and cyber attacks have reinforced the need for learning to be shared around the world. Police Professional reports from the unique training event involving senior officers from across Europe who have attended the FBI’s Academy in Quantico.
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead Science v innovation
Dr John Coxhead discusses the role science plays in advancing and resisting advances in practice, arguing that policing needs ideas that lead the law enforcement battle.
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<b><i>Charlie French (left) and Dr<br>Xavier L'Hoiry Cross-border champions
The extension of the already considerable collaboration between forces in the North East was limited by failing to learn the lessons of previous projects. One study has sought to quantify what helps and hinders success in this area.
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Untangling identities
Genotyping is widely accepted as more accurate at extracting profiles from mixed DNA samples but courts are questioning the software being used. Police Professional examines whether algorithms can pass the evidential test.
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