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<b><I>Public image – Facebook posting<br>of Damon Searson and<BR>Terri-Marie Palmer </b></i> Social investigations
Apps and social media are a burden and a godsend. Police Professional examines recent cases to identify how investigators can ensnare criminals by using all digital means available.
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<b> <i> Ayessha Ali </i> </b> Unravelling a web of lies
The death of an eight year old led to the bizarre discovery of false identities and relationships created through social media, which ultimately provided the evidence of guilt. Detective Chief Inspector Gary Lloyd explains how the case unfolded.
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<b><i>New technology better able<br>to differentiate visual clues</b></i> Forensic lip reading automation a step nearer
Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have developed new lip-reading technology that provides far greater levels of accuracy than human readers. The technology could provide assistance to those with hearing or speech impairments. It also has the potential to help solve crimes captured by CCTV cameras with no sound.
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<B> <I> Rhian Burke </b> </i> My wish to heal tragedy
A sudden infant death at home requires investigation and the police and medical response can play a major part in how the rest of the family survives, or not. Rhian Burke explains how a medical tragedy unfolded and the impact of a police inquiry.
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<B> <I> Mark Jones <B/> <I/> A crying shame
A baffling death saw tragic infant Amelia lose her fight for life in less than six weeks, but the subsequent meticulous investigation by Gwent Police took an interminable three years before the pieces came together when the 999 call provided the definitive first account of a conniving murderer’s actions.
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<b><i>Gang convicted after drilling<br>into safety deposit vault</b></i> Hatton Garden raid: six sentenced
Six members of the gang responsible for the biggest burglary in English legal history – the safety deposit box robbery at Hatton Garden – have been sentenced to a total of 34 years imprisonment.
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<b><i>New system is cheaper<br> than current technique</b></i> Increased accuracy of footwear forensics just weeks away
A new, low-cost, highly-accurate footwear analysis technique, that can link a subject's shoes to the location of a crime in minutes rather than hours, has been developed by a team from the School of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Nottingham.
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Consultation on update of police codes of practice
The policing codes of practice for identifying crime in Northern Ireland will be modernised following the conclusion of a recently launched consultation.
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Operation Danube: Surrey Police thwarts the ‘perfect murder’
Investigative practice
The killer left his DNA at the scene but knew his profile wasn’t on the
national database, even though he was on bail for murder. He had flown
into the country to commit cold-blooded and calculated murder, but was
undone by even greater attention to detail.

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Operation Larch
Investigative practice
Re-examining West Mercia Police’s response to the Craig Hodson-Walker murder
January 2009, Craig Hodson-Walker was fatally wounded in an armed
robbery at Fairfield General Stores and Post Office in North
Worcestershire. West Mercia Police was commended for its work on the
case, but only when re-examining past robberies did the force realise
that the suspect was already wanted, as Alex Iszatt explains.

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