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Explaining Geography
A hot spot map may reveal a cluster of domestic burglaries, but what
does the lay of the land tell an analyst? Geographical information
systems (GIS) provide a much more explanatory analysis and can offer
preventative solutions to crime and emergency situations.

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Targeting the register
PPU intelligence analysts are setting pioneering new standards in offender management analysis.
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The time of crime
Crime hotspot maps for a large city centre can remain static. One analyst asked the question ‘is a hotspot map really a crime hotspot or is it a map of the urban area?’ Damian Small reports.
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The size of crime
Which offenders are likely to be active in a particular area? Who has previously committed car crime in a neighbourhood? Who could be responsible for a recent burglary hotspot? An analyst from Greater Manchester has developed an analytical tool that can seamlessly answer these questions. Damian Small reports.
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Inform not confirm
A Staffordshire workshop focusing on inference development is helping analysts from across the country to produce dynamic tactical assessments for all crime types. Damian Small reports.
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Analysts on the move
Hertfordshire crime analysts have developed a process for creating proactive intelligence reports on offenders and crime groups before interviewing offenders for offences to be taken into consideration (TICs) in custody and on drive rounds. Damian Small reports.
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Mapping associations
A safer neighbourhood analyst has created a tool that transforms ‘on the ground’ and force intelligence information into an analysis product supporting ward driven requests and to map youth group associations and gang members migrating into more serious crime. Damian Small reports.
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Analysing the matrix
Gaining thorough knowledge about key facilitators and handlers, and targeting police resources at the ‘middle layer’ of criminality underlines Leicestershire Constabulary’s and Sussex Police’s approach to strategic network analysis. Damian Small reports.
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The border issue
Europol analysts are making in-roads into tackling Bulgarian gangs trafficking humans for sexual exploitation. Analysing the trafficking routes is undermining the tactics of the perpetrators and laying foundations for further operations. Damian Small reports.
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Taking analysis to court
The tragic death of 23 cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay led to one of the most complex investigations Lancashire Police had ever taken into the courtroom. Analysis not only aided the outcome of the investigation, but was uniquely presented in a courtroom to aid the prosecution of an illegally operating gangmaster Lin Liang Ren. Damian Small reports.
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