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Standing on the shoulders of giants
The move to professionalise the investigative process, and for increasing professionalism within policing, has been a key plank of the reform agenda, supported by senior figures from both inside and outside the service. Keith Potter talks to Sir David Phillips about the concept of professionalism, and DAC Bill Griffiths outlines the latest developments as part of the Professionalising Investigation Project.
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Asset strippers
With strong political and financial support and a string of successes against organised crime, the Assets Recovery Agency is showing its teeth, reports John Massey.
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Brothers in arms
A peer group-based trauma management programme developed by the military is helping Essex Police tackle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Tina Orr-Munro reports
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Watching the Detectives
Kate Flannery, HMI with responsibility for performance issues, argues that the number of detections can be increased if forces focus on the ‘five Ps.’
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Mapping out the drugs trade
Detailed analysis of local drugs markets has allowed Derbyshire to successfully target drugs related crime. By Alex Reynolds
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Fighting fear
In the first of a series of articles on neighbourhood policing Police Professional reviews the impact of a national pilot project designed to tackle fear of crime in eight forces.
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