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In whose interest are you acting?
George Thomas considers the impact of the High Court decision in James-Bowen v The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis on the relationship between a chief officer and those accused of wrongdoing in civil proceedings.
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A question of force
Nick Peel examines the case of Timothy Metcalf v Crown Prosecution Service (High Court of Justice, divisional court, April 22, 2015 – Burnett LJ and Stewart J) concerning the use of force by a police officer before arrest.
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Ill-disciplined disclosure
Following last month’s article on the arrival of public police misconduct hearings, Gerry Boyle looks at the important issue of what documents the Appropriate Authority ought to be disclosing to the officer, the panel, and now the public
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Good first step
Jef McAllister says that although changes to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill to introduce a new criminal offence of revenge porn are welcome, there are still important gaps in the law that need to be addressed.
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Sticking to the code
Andrew Steel assesses the judgment in Davies v Chief Constable of Merseyside Police that codes of practice must be adhered to when removing clothing from a person in custody.
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Sitting in detention
Elliot Gold warns how courts are increasingly willing to scrutinise individual police actions and omissions and potentially find legal liability under Article 5 of European Convention on Human Rights.
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Indecent images: Claims for conversion
What is the position when the police, having lawfully seized property containing indecent images, such as a laptop, no longer have the power to retain the property? Joanna Carty explains.
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Domestic murder: Are the police liable?
Despite a Supreme Court ruling in favour of the police in a claim of negligence in its duty of public care, Cecily White says the police may still be held liable to victims or their families for clear failures to prevent a potentially fatal incident of domestic violence of which they have received specific warning.
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Leaving under a cloud
Susanna Rickard examines the ‘duty of candour’ when a force provides references to outside bodies regarding departing officers.
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Closing escape routes
John Riddell examines the recent High Court decision in Birks v Commissioner of Police regarding the resignation of a serving police officer facing misconduct charges.
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