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<b><i>Killer: Khalid Masood</b></i> Westminster terror attacker took steroids before deadly rampage, inquest told
The man who mowed down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge before killing a police officer outside the Palace of Westminster had taken steroids beforehand, a court has heard.
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Elite police unit expansion to counter terror threat
Germany has launched a major recruitment campaign for specialists to join the country's elite police response unit and protect Berlin in the event of a terror attack.
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Investigation into fatal fail to stop collision
An Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation has been launched after a fatal collision following a police pursuit.
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<b><i>Poppi Worthington's ability to<br>breathe was compromised by<br>her sleeping position</b></i> Chief constable to discuss prosecution options following Poppi Worthington verdict
Cumbria Constabulary has pledged to explore options for prosecution after a coroner found Poppi Worthington was sexually assaulted before her death.
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<b><i>Nick Hurd: Keen to listen<br>on how best to implement<br>support to officers</b></i> Discussion on welfare support ‘long overdue’
The policing and fire minister is set to chair a roundtable on police wellbeing, which will include a number of experts and senior officers.
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<b><i>WPC Yvonne Fletcher:  <br>Caught in volley of gunfire</b></i> Officers in High Court push for prosecution of man suspected of shooting dead PC Yvonne Fletcher
Officers past and present are mounting an unprecedented legal challenge over the refusal to prosecute the suspect in the murder of their colleague – PC Yvonne Fletcher.
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<b><i>Almost a million more drivers<br>have taken speed awareness<br>courses since 2010</b></i> Huge increase in speed awareness courses but impact ‘not clear’
The effectiveness of speed awareness courses has been called into question as the road death toll remained steady last year despite record participation in the training.
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<b><i>PC Claire Todd: One of<br>Gloucestershire Constabulary's<br>current police dog handlers PC awarded £15,000 after employment tribunal rules dog handler fitness test ‘needs to be changed’
Three forces have been told they must review the way dog handlers are recruited after a female officer won a landmark discrimination case proving the system was too “tough” for some women.
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<b><i>Emma Caldwell was found dead<br>in Lanarkshire in 2005</b></i> Officers cleared over Emma Caldwell misconduct allegations
Seven officers have been cleared of misconduct after unlawfully seizing communications in the aftermath of an unsolved murder inquiry.
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<b><i>Incident: Buckingham Palace</b></i> Man denies Buckingham Palace sword terror charge
A self-employed Uber driver allegedly caught carrying a large sword near Buckingham Palace has denied a terrorism charge.
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