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<b><i>Jamie Wilson A material view
With reviews under way into disclosure processes, Jamie Wilson suggests forces develop their processes to ensure evidence can be shared more easily.
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<b><i>Detective Superintendent Martin<br>Brunning Revealing directions
When murder is suspected yet no body can be found, Detective Superintendent Martin Brunning explains how international cooperation and persistence in examining digital devices can lead to the evidence.
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Seeing the signs
With the number of older drivers on the roads rising rapidly, there is concern that the danger they pose is also increasing. Police Professional looks at the proposals to limit the casualties from those who are no longer fit to get behind the wheel.
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Shopping for efficiency
With the volume of shoplifting offences creating a dilemma for forces, Durham Constabulary has determined to ensure that all reports are dealt with and demand is reduced, and not just in the short term.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Charlie Hall<br>(left) and Detective Sergeant<br>Steve Smales 4Ps of ANPR
As a solution is finally piloted ahead of an imminent national rollout, Police Professional reports on the likely benefits and how forces need to prepare frontline staff to see ANPR as not just a tool for the pursuit of offenders.
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The case for blockchain technology
The Dutch Ministry of Justice is to launch a pilot for blockchain-based digital law that it claims will save the police and the courts’ time by digitising parts of the prosecution process. Blockchain technology – which underpins electronic currencies such as bitcoin – is being heralded as the next chapter of the information and network society and is perceived to have an enormous impact on the economy, trade and the public sector.
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Pupils pilot cyber security initiative
Schoolchildren in Gloucestershire are the first in the country to take part in a planned UK-wide initiative designed “to protect and equip children to remain safe online”. Cyber4Schools aims to help students, parents and teachers understand the basics of cyber security.
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Damaged tools
Taiwan’s national police agency has apologised for giving out 54 infected memory sticks as prizes in a government-run quiz that was (allegedly) intended to combat cybercrime. The infected sticks carry a virus that steals personal data, and has been linked to fraud.
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Policing’s digital revolution: ‘Do more to save time and cut crime’, urges minister
The Government is set to throw down the gauntlet to “make the most” of 21st century technology to keep people safe both online and on the frontline.
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Officer seriously injured after being dragged by car
A suspected drink-driver has been charged after an officer was run over while trying to stop him from getting behind the wheel.
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