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Force’s largest ever jail sentence secured after gang warfare crackdown
Nine men will spend a total of 170 years behind bars in the longest joint prison term ever secured by Bedfordshire Police.
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MSPs back minimum alcohol unit price as research shows higher crime rate linked to more drink outlets
Crime rates are almost eight times higher in areas with the most alcohol outlets compared with the least, a new study has revealed.
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<b><i>Waiting: Hold-up on Finn's Law</b></i> Forces lead way as ‘highly valued members’ given protection
Police dogs are being provided with new equipment to shield them against acts of violence as they wait for legislation to offer added protection.
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Robbers convicted after officers watch crime on smartphones
Three men have pleaded guilty to a night-time robbery as a result of mobile phone technology that allows officers to monitor CCTV while on patrol.
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Officer cleared of misconduct over death of elderly man
An officer who fatally struck a 91-year-old pedestrian while answering an emergency call followed proper policies, an investigation has concluded.
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Dismissed officer ‘tried to cover his tracks by deleting personal information on three women’
An officer who stole information on women involved in live investigations to pursue “improper relationships” has been dismissed.
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Police team up with high street store to deliver counter-terror training
Counter-terror police will collaborate with one of the UK's largest retailers to develop a “ground-breaking” training package.
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<b><i>PCSIs Craig Evans and<br>Cheryl Belfield New career path for PCSOs to become investigators
Police community support investigators (PCSIs) have been introduced at Dorset Police following public feedback that the force was not responding to crimes in a “timely and efficient” manner.
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Officer who hit fleeing man with car guilty of gross misconduct
An officer who struck a man with his car saying “that’s how you deal with that” has been handed a final written warning.
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Manual deletion of custody images ‘difficult to justify’
Officers are being forced to waste resources by manually trawling through custody databases to delete people’s images, the minister for countering extremism has warned.
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