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Business school offers police help with tuition fees
The Cranfield School of Management invites police applicants for a new scholarship to study for a Masters Degree.

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Learning to change
The police service is often criticised for being slow to change. Yet Helen Martin and Dr Colin Rogers argue that some of the embedded structures of the service have allowed it to become a ‘learning organisation’
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Caught on the web
The value of the internet to police investigations is growing, but finding what you are looking for is not as easy as it may seem, warns David Toddington
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Missing links
Sean Sutton describes the work of the specialist national unit set up to analyse serious sex offences and sexually motivated murder on behalf of all UK police forces
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Leadership for all
The criminal justice system is going through a programme of extensive reform. Key to the successful management of this process is effective leadership at all levels, says Simon Leckie of Skills for Justice.
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Strong on the syllabus, but a daunting format
Blackstone’s Police Investigator’s Manual by Glenn Hutton, David Johnston and Fraser Sampson. Oxford University Press (2005)
Blackstone’s Police Investigator’s Manual Distance Learning Workbook by John Ridout. Oxford University Press (2005)
ISBN 0-19-927554-8 £55.00

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In sickness and in health
Major changes to the law on disability means that the police service will have to reconsider its approach to the employment and retention of disabled officers, says Michelle Valentine
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Back on track
Ian Johnston, Chief Constable of the British Transport Police, tells Police Professional why he is fighting to gain for the force the funding and status he says it deserves. David Don reports
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Winning the race
The police service is unlikely to meet this year’s government-imposed target for ethnic minority recruitment. Manjit Mann examines the obstacles to progress that the service and its critics are attempting to overcome
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Learning to Lead
Rarely a week goes by without the police service coming under close scrutiny and, in some cases, savage criticism. Whether it is the media, politicians, the general public or a combination of all three, poor police performance and poor police leadership are regularly cited as a contributory factor in a wide range of society’s ills. Keith Potter reports
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