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One in four affected by identity theft
Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in Britain, according to a new survey carried out by Which? magazine
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HMIC calls for stronger focus on child protection
National performance indicators for child protection, clear lines of accountability for child abuse investigations and a review of staffing levels and resilience within Child Abuse Investigation Units (CAIUs) are among the key recommendations for forces in a new HMIC report into child protection.
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UK leads Europe in heroin seizures
The latest annual report by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) states that the UK has the largest rate of heroin seizures in Europe, and the third highest number of heroin addicts.
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Going straight
A nationally-led scheme to tackle the most prolific offenders has produced encouraging results in a number of force areas.
Tina Orr-Munro reports

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Officers across Europe share drug crime tactics
New levels of international co-operation between police drug units across Europe were promised at a conference in Barcelona last month.
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Study says the CJS needs a new approach to rape
A shift of focus across the criminal justice system in relation to the investigation and prosecution of rape cases, moving away from the credibility of complainants to enhanced evidence gathering and case-building, is a key factor in reducing the number of complainants who withdraw from the process before cases come to court.
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Smacks of Big Brother?
Reasonable chastisement; what is it?
How do you define it? When might it be appropriate? When might you have exceeded it?

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New guidance encourages more publicity for ASBOs
The Government has issued new guidance encouraging councils to use more publicity to help enforce individual anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs).
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ACPO defends progress ahead of CRE report
ACPO has warned that the current climate within the police service could create "a defensive attitude to race and diversity", despite improvements on a range of issues including the investigation of racist crime and the strengthening of community relations.
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West Yorkshire trains analysts for the Met
Staff from the intelligence and analysis section of West Yorkshire Police’s Crime Training department are to provide specialist Major Incident Room Intelligence Cell training for colleagues from the Metropolitan Police.
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