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Politics and precepts
The world of police authorities has traditionally been politics free despite having a majority of political members but as they set their budgets for the very last time, Police Professional asks whether politics is now playing a greater part in the legacy they leave behind.
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Finding new ways
The policing and justice minister, Nick Herbert, believes forces are identifying new processes, collaborations and strategies to respond to financial challenges and increase visibility with the public.
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Preparing to transform
Transformation is one of those phrases that is easy to use but hard to pin down. It has been defined as fundamental change to meet long term objectives, a definition which points to an inevitable element of subjectivity. It may be helpful to agree what is not transformation, explains Chief Constable Chris Sims.
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Joint venture to protection
Tim Loughton, Children’s Minister, urges all public protection practitioners to take on a joint working mindset so officers don’t have to attend 999 calls to tragic cases of child abuse that could have been prevented.
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Rising to the challenge
Mark Gibson explains why intelligence-led policing is key to tackling threats to London 2012.
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Three reasons to be cheerful about domestic homicide reviews
Learning lessons after a homicide may seem low on the agenda of most forces when there are other pressing demands during these squeezed financial times. However, Gillian Downham at Sequeli thinks there are three reasons to be cheerful about domestic homicide reviews.
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Child exploitation: ignoring the real issues
Last month, the Government published a new action plan on child sexual exploitation, an issue that has been consistently ignored by local authorities and the public at large. Tim Linehan argues that denial and racist attitudes have hindered efforts to combat the all too common problem of child prostitution in the UK.
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Too many priorities – not enough strategies
In the first of two articles, Garry Elliott argues that too much concern about priorities is obscuring more important matters.
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The Bratton factor
While the prospect of the former chief of New York’s Police Department leading the Metropolitan Police Service has been a hot topic recently, Ian MacDonald examines whether it is the man or his tactics that should be employed.
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Preparing for commissioners
Fraser Sampson examines how those involved in the governance of policing can prepare for the arrival of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) and what must be done by when.
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