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Ownership’ of criminal justice system is essential for success
FREEDOM from FEAR - A Cumberland Lodge police conference special supplement
Judge David Carruthers, chair of the New Zealand Parole Board, talks about his experiences of community justice and the public perception of criminal justice.
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From training to learning
The Police Learning and Development conference aims to provide a forum for delegates to explore and exchange views on the latest thinking on learning delivery and its impact on policing performance. Police Professional talked to several experts about the latest developments in the world of training, and how the present landscape should be changed.
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Nexus nets drug gangs
With issues ranging from intervention tactics, reducing harm, combating cannabis cultivation, policing cocaine and fighting the suppliers of performance enhancing drugs, this year’s ACPO Drugs Conference, entitled High Society? Enforcing the Rules, is built on sharing the latest and best practice in fighting the illicit drugs market.
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Performance and image enhancing drugs
Jim McVeigh, head of Substance Use at Liverpool John Moores University, talks to Police Professional about the issues for UK law enforcement raised by the use of anabolic steroids and other associated performance and image enhancing drugs.
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Drugs in sport – when do they become an issue for the police?
That is the focus of one workshop at this year’s event. Its main purpose is to underline the police-related issues that are associated with steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.
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Measured enforcement
The UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC), an independent body providing objective analysis of UK drug policy, will hold a workshop at the conference to discuss ways of better measuring the impact of enforcement against the illegal drugs market.
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The appliance of science
Lancashire Constabulary is holding its seventh annual National Analyst Conference, which this year is entitled ‘The Appliance of Science’. The conference will be focusing on areas of analysis that could benefit from having a scientific approach applied to the problem. Police Professional reports.
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Spreading expertise in public protection
This year’s ACPO Public Protection Conference on October 13-14 at the Cheltenham and Gloucester Chase Hotel provides an excellent learning and networking opportunity for police officers and staff involved in the management of sexual and violent offenders and potentially dangerous persons.
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