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<b><i>Geoff Coliandris Framing vulnerabilities
Geoff Coliandris suggests models of problem solving to address the wicked issue of County Lines drug dealing.
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Switching impacts
Police Professional examines the latest research from Lincolnshire on whether crime levels are affected by turning off street lights at night.
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<b><i>Steve White Gaining a voice
Before he leaves office later this month, Steve White sheds light on the battle to reform the Police Federation of England and Wales and ensure it is listened to at every level.
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead What’s become of IAGs?
This week, the Research Inspector looks at a review of independent advisory groups by Bill Dixon, Professor of Criminology at the University of Nottingham.
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<b><i>The original fingerprint 'created'<br>during an unrelated process Invisible links
A new technique has been discovered that could make it impossible for criminals to destroy their fingerprints, even by setting fire to them.
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Cycle of disrespect
Groups of young men and women are increasingly becoming victims of gang rivalry driven by posts on social media. Police Professional examines how online platforms allow users to stoke hatred and generate violence.
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<b><i>Four different bloodstains on a<br>black T-shirt, made visible<br>using MA-XRF What lies beneath
Science derived from validating the authenticity of works of art is now finding a use in forensic science, including uncovering traces that have been intentionally hidden.
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Transparency in performance
Understanding how to report and demonstrate how well law enforcement agencies are doing is a continuous challenge, however, a number are looking to New Orleans where wider community issues and concerns have replaced traditional crime measures and have provided a boost to public satisfaction.
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<b><i>Alex Connock Reflecting reality
Alex Connock explores the impact on public perceptions of policing from fictional characters and the lessons to be taken from the wider acceptance of personal flaws and being who you really are on camera.
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<b><i>Kenny MacAskill</b> A steady beat
Former Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill examines the latest setback afflicting Police Scotland and proposes necessary actions to put its leadership back on track.
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