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<B> Vincent Woolsgrove pictured sitting <br> on top of one of three Dutch cannon</b> Finders keepers
It may appear that retrieving artefacts hundreds of years old from the bottom of the sea is a legitimate form of earning, but one recent investigation showed how much money can be gained by organised criminals with tragic consequences.
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Data to go – a short film released by Cifas <br> showed how easy it was to obtain<br> personal information from customers <br> at a coffee shop. Privacy on parade
Social media is increasingly being used to facilitate identity fraud but is a growing concern for police officers for other reasons. Police Professional looks at what ‘doxxing’ means for people in high-risk positions and how people can protect themselves from being targeted.
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Follow the money
Detectives investigating extensive labour trafficking from Slovakia took a different approach when it became clear that a case could be made by examining the criminals’ financial activity rather than relying mainly on vulnerable victims’ testimony.
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A sense of evidence
Policing has long relied on eyewitness accounts as one of the pillars of investigative practice. However, new research has shown that the other human senses can be just as useful as sight - if not even more so.
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<B><I> Wright’s Cessna: used to fly drugs into the UK </i> </b> Under the radar
When National Crime Agency officers arrested a high-flying drug smuggler, they could have left it at that. However, through collaboration with other agencies and persistent investigation, they were able to bring down the entire syndicate.

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<B> <I> Dr Anna Williams</b> </i> Body of evidence
There is a growing recognition of the need for research on cadaver decomposition and, combined with a developing understanding of odours of decay, Dr Anna Williams says there has never been a stronger case for studies to be conducted on human remains in the UK.
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<b> <I>Matthew Bevan, aka ‘Kuji’ </b> </i> Geek to gangster
The internet is making it increasingly easy for teenage loners to get sucked into criminality from their own bedrooms. Professor Julia Davidson explains what is being done to help police understand the pathways that lead youngsters from tech savvy to being wanted for extradition on serious hacking charges before their 17th birthday.
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<B> <I> Detective Inspector Phil Jackson </b> </i> Smash, grab and fly
An armed robbery in Leeds has highlighted the recurring modus operandi of Eastern European criminals coming to the UK to commit crime before leaving shortly after. Detective Inspector Phil Jackson explains the importance of good liaison and use of images to arrest suspects before they flee the country.
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<b><i>Colin Pitchfork: initially<br>evaded DNA screening</b><i> First man convicted using DNA takes first step towards release
Colin Pitchfork, the first killer to be convicted as the result of a DNA profile, has been refused parole, but recommended for transfer to an open prison.
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<b><i>Elena Kotova: NCA civil<br>claim resulted in cash<br>and property seizure</b></i> NCA seizes Mayfair flat and cash from senior banker
A disgraced Russian banker has been ordered to hand over her £1.5 million Mayfair flat to the National Crime Agency (NCA) after it emerged the property may have been purchased with money she received as bribes.
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