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Key Forensic launches firearms facility
Key Forensic recently announced the launch of its firearms facility at Birchwood Park, Warrington, Cheshire.
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WPC Software for vetting (Stand L30)
WPC Software is delighted to be returning to the ACPO-APA Conference and Exhibition once again. New and established products will all be on show.
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i2 Providing Time Critical Solutions (Stand G7)
i2 Ltd will be showcasing its suite of software solutions at the ACPO-APA Conference and Exhibition 2008, demonstrating the ability to realize the value in volume data and subsequently formulate it into actionable intelligence.
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Steria delivers ICT solutions (Stand F9)
Steria has been delivering mission critical ICT solutions and services to the UK policing for over 30 years.
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CA Traffic helps monitor the roads (Stand C9)

CA Traffic supply a wide range of equipment for covert speed monitoring. The technologies used include pneumatic tube, inductive loop and radar. Our new ANPR ‘Evolution’ Journey Time System is easily deployed and can be used to monitor individual speeds between 2 locations.

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Crown Computing leads duty management solutions (Stand G9)
Crown Computing is the UK’s leading supplier of Duty Management solutions to large organisations in both private and public sectors.
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Forces fight crime with SPSS predictive analytics (Stand J9)
Multiple police forces worldwide and all police forces in the UK are using SPSS (NASDAQ: SPSS) predictive analytics to optimise deployment of officers, saving the forces time and money while ensuring public safety.
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SailPoint Inc. appoints Enline plcSailPoint Inc. appoints Enline plc (Stand L23)

SailPoint Compliance IQ is the first identity management solution designed to effectively meet the requirements of IT identity governance, risk management and compliance; providing strong and consistent controls over who has access to critical applications and data.

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Capgemini: modernising practices

Capgemini works in partnership with the police to provide transformational services to deliver modernised working practices, to match operational requirements with the right ICT and to reduce costs.

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Universal CCTV player from ClearView

Trying to decode and display the myriad of CCTV players now in circulation is a time consuming problem and an unwanted drain on resources for the police and courts.

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