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Guiding analysis in the police service
The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has worked with forces across the country and in partnership with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to produce the first practice advice for analysts. Police Professional talks to Kate Pearce, head of analysis at the NPIA, about the soon to be published guidance for analysis.
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Setting standards
Essex Police recently won the National Training Award 2007 for its Analyst Development Programme. Principal Intelligence Analyst Ted Hampson (left) talks to Police Professional about his design for the programme and the challenges he faced.
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Mapping drug offenders
Criminality inspired by Class A drug abuse is a problem that faces forces nationwide. Ascertaining the level of threat within communities, as well as finding where the offenders live and use is an ongoing challenge. In Lancashire, analysts have been working on mapping drug abuse in some unexpected and original ways
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Analysts under pressure
An analyst stands in the dock under the quick-fire questioning of a belligerent barrister. The investigating officers have done all they can to bring the case to trial, and the analysis has been carefully and objectively compiled by experts. This investigation may have cost thousands of pounds to bring to this stage, and it is now down to the analyst to convince judge and jury of the information before their eyes. But what is the best way for an analyst to deal with a sensitive and potentially problematic encounter with a defence lawyer?
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On the beat, in the know. How well do you really know the neighbourhood you police?
Simon Cottingham explains how geographic information systems (GIS) can help police forces nationwide to improve the execution of their community policing strategies.
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Analysing the trail of a killer
Thorough investigation supported by innovative analysis resulted in a successful murder conviction for North Yorkshire Police in Operation Chive.
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DNA hit lists
Detectives investigating a cold case sexual assault can often find it difficult to produce new leads. However, analysts working with forensics have been developing a new system, which could dramatically improve the resolution of cold cases. Police Professional talks to Mike Johnson, analyst for the Major Investigation Team at Gloucester Constabulary, about the advances in partial DNA ‘hit lists’.
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Intelligence for everyone
Following the introduction of an intranet-based crime analysis solution, police officers across South Yorkshire can now access detailed, up-to-date information and analysis about local crime and anti-social behaviour at the touch of a button. The improved availability of this intelligence is helping the force to save money, improve community policing and reduce crime.
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Strategic GIS
With 21 international GIS experts under one roof, senior and operational policing managers are sure to take away a great deal of knowledge from the International GIS Crime Mapping conference in Belgium later this month.
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Putting communities on the map
In the current climate of community engagement and neighbourhood policing, public sector agencies are being asked two key questions: what do our communities look like and where are they? Analysts from West Midlands Police are providing the answers. Damian Small reports.
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