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‘Don’t be a mug, use your MoG’

The Crown Prosecution Service has launched a marketing campaign aimed at persuading officers to consult the new Manual of Guidance (MoG) following recent changes to charging suspects.

The manual has now been revised and contains the new MG3 form that is to be used with the raft of statutory and shadow charging schemes in operation across the country.

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Less is more

Less lethal weapons provide forces with more options when faced with a violent threat but all officers must understand the limitations of the technology, warns Colin Burrows.

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Cadets sign up for policing qualification
Greater Manchester Police is offering young people the chance to gain a qualification in policing as part of the force’s new Voluntary Police Cadet scheme.
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Record number of banning orders help forces target football violence
A ten per cent drop in football related arrests coupled with a 45 per cent rise in banning orders has been hailed as a success for targeted policing by the Home Office
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Ethnic recruitment drive

Leicestershire Constabulary has launched a new drive to encourage people from
minority ethnic communities to join the force.

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Airport website promotes anti-terror alert
SPECIAL Branch officers based at Birmingham International Airport are launching a new website - www.west-midlands.police.uk/portsunit - to enable people flying light aircraft or helicopters in and out of the West Midlands to make sure they are up-to-date with their responsibilities under the Terrorism Act 2000.
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Watch this space
CCTV has proved to be an outstanding investigative tool, but forces need to be aware of the data protection implications when images are used as evidence, says David Mackay
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Policeman Pat
.Norfolk Constabulary has become the first force in England to join ranks with the Post Office to deliver policing services to rural communities.
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Dementia training for Scottish officers

Officers in Scotland are to receive new training in dealing with individuals suffering from dementia, following the launch of a new partnership between the police service and the University of Stirling.

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Biting the bullet
Greater consistency in police firearms policy and training will help forces tackle the growing problem of gun crime, says Mike Waldren
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