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Rad Kohanzad A whistle-stop guide
Rad Kohanzad sets out the legal issues and appropriate way to handle allegations and disclosures of whistle-blowing.
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Consent for cannon
Andrew Steel, Matt Smith and Tom Pendlebury explain the legal basis, or lack of it, for authorising water cannon use on the UK mainland
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A question of balance
John Riddell examines how the case of Sylvie Beghal v Director of Public Prosecutions 2015 Supreme Court provides useful guidance on the application of the Human Rights Act.
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Time for you to go?
Rad Kohanzad looks at the decision of the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal on the compulsory retirement of those police officers reaching two-thirds pensionable pay.
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John Riddell The police and civil liability
John Riddell examines the civil liability of the police for the failure to investigate or prevent crime.
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Adam Clemens Duty of care
Adam Clemens examines the post-Michael negligence landscape with the high-profile Alice Gross inquest imminent.
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Clear message on disclosure
As reported in last week’s edition (see Criminal Law Week PP463) Edmund Smyth takes a closer look at the judgment in the case of the Chatwani brothers who sought judicial review of the use of search warrants.
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Identifying disability
Rad Kohanzad looks at one of the most troublesome problems for managers in the police service: working out whether an officer ought to be treated as being disabled for the purposes of making adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.
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Paul McFarlane Fitness and the police
Legal update
Paul McFarlane examines the legal issues surrounding any possible changes to the annual police fitness test, in particular failure to comply with the Police (Performance) Regulations and the Equality Act.
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In whose interest are you acting?
George Thomas considers the impact of the High Court decision in James-Bowen v The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis on the relationship between a chief officer and those accused of wrongdoing in civil proceedings.
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