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<b><i>Mohammed Shaikh: Arrested at the <br>scene and detained in custody</b></i> 'False name' Maserati driver pleads guilty to crash that left two officers seriously hurt
A man has admitted in court ploughing into two police officers in a Maserati sports car, leaving both critically injured.
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<b><i>Simon Blackburn: 'Horrendous fate'</b></i> Victims of modern slavery hidden in ‘plain sight ’, LGA warns
Local authorities are calling on the public to become familiar with signs of exploitation in modern slavery as research suggests worrying gaps in reporting across some areas of the UK.
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<b><i>(Left to right) Assistant PCC<br>Ashley Bertie, Sgt Neil Loy<br>and Oliver Humpidge Force takes ‘firm stance’ against street racers
Four men have appeared in court charged with illegal street racing under West Midlands Police’s “severe” car cruising Injunction.
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<b><i>Tola Munro: 'Some progress'</b></i> 2021 census to reveal policing ‘fallen further behind’ on BME representation, warns NBPA leader
Policing scores only an average ‘C’ mark for efforts to increase the number of black and minority ethnic (BME) officers within its ranks, it is claimed today.
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<b><i>Phil Gormley: On special leave</b></i> Fresh misconduct allegation levelled at chief constable
Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley is facing a sixth complaint about his conduct.
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<a href=http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?eid=4bc53705-f46c-40e3-af49-b1db80e8b338>To view the edition click here</a> View the latest edition online
In this week’s edition we have news of Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mike Veale’s “very difficult decision” of accepting the lead role at Cleveland Police, West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson has pledged to send a personal impact statement to the Crown Prosecution Service in every officer assault case and the Police ICT company announces its new chief executive. There is lots more news and features include Detective Superintendent Martin Brunning explains how international cooperation and persistence can lead to the evidence, Jamie Wilson says forces should ensure evidence can be shared more easily, Sergeant Glen Iceton proposes a debate on how stop and search can be used to clear uncertainty, we look at the proposals to limit the casualties from older motorists who are not fit to drive, forces prepare frontline staff ahead of an imminent national rollout of ANPR and we explore how Durham Constabulary is trying to reduce the rising trend of shoplifting.
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<b><i>Sergeant Glen Iceton Against the law
The messages from politicians and scrutiny bodies goes against the spirit of stop and search legislation and are creating uncertainty over police powers. Sergeant Glen Iceton proposes a wider debate on how they should be used.
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<b><i>Jamie Wilson A material view
With reviews under way into disclosure processes, Jamie Wilson suggests forces develop their processes to ensure evidence can be shared more easily.
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<b><i>Detective Superintendent Martin<br>Brunning Revealing directions
When murder is suspected yet no body can be found, Detective Superintendent Martin Brunning explains how international cooperation and persistence in examining digital devices can lead to the evidence.
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Seeing the signs
With the number of older drivers on the roads rising rapidly, there is concern that the danger they pose is also increasing. Police Professional looks at the proposals to limit the casualties from those who are no longer fit to get behind the wheel.
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