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When does a police officer qualify as an expert witness?
In R (Doughty) v Ely Magistrates’ Court, CPS (interested party) (CLW/08/20/2) the Divisional Court held that a court at first instance had acted unreasonably in deciding that a former police officer could not give evidence as an expert as to the workings of a speed detection device.
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Derailing prosecutions
 When will irregularities and failings which occur whilst taking a specimen derail subsequent prosecutions?
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Police interview obligations
Are the police under an obligation to tell a woman that she is not a compellable witness against her husband before interviewing her about a crime of which her husband is suspected?
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Evidence under terrorism act
Should evidence given by a person detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 be admissible if it is obtained whilst access to a solicitor is being lawfully delayed by the police?
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Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (CLW/08/19/12)
The Act received Royal Assent on May 8, 2008. Its purpose is, interalia, to make further provision about criminal justice (including provision about the police) and dealing with offenders and defaulters, to amend the criminal law, and to make further provision about combating crime and disorder.
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Is the offence of administering a substance with intent to commit a sexual offence made out if the victim takes the substance of her own free will?
Att-Gen’s Reference (No. 31 of 2006) (R v Spall) (CLW/08/12/6) was an appeal against sentence but it raises interesting questions about this issue.
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Does the fact that a juror is a police or prison officer or prosecutor of itself disqualify the juror on the ground of want of partiality?
Subsequent to the cases of R v Abdroikov, R v Green, R v Williamson (CLW/07/38/5) (Police Professional, November 15, 2007, Issue 90) and R v I (CLW/08/02/4) (Police Professional, February 7, 2008, Issue 97), this issue came before the Court of Appeal again in R v Khan and others (CLW/08/12/2).
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How admissible is evidence of bad character that does not relate to previous criminal convictions?
This question has been discussed in three recent cases in the Court of Appeal.
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When do police actions amount to negligence?
In Smith v Chief Constable of Sussex Police (CLW/08/12/31) the Court of Appeal held that, whilst it is not reasonable to expect the police to answer in damages to every individual whose life or health might have been spared or saved by more competent police work, where someone’s life or safety has been so firmly placed in the hands of the police as to make it incumbent on them to take at least elementary steps to protect it, unexcused neglect to do so can sound in damages if harm of the material kind results.
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Criminal Law Week
May the police obtain personal details as a condition for release from a containment?

No, said the Divisional Court in R (Mengesha) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (CLW/13/35/8).

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