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Crimestoppers dinner raises £30,000
More than £30,000 was raised at the Crimestoppers’ fund raising annual dinner held at New Scotland Yard in London on May 18.
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BCS findings show significant reduction in domestic violence
The risk of being a victim of domestic violence has fallen by 59 per cent over the past decade, according to the latest report based on the results of the last British Crime Survey.
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Cameras set racial poser on car crime
A report, carried out by the Metropolitan Police’s traffic unit, reveals that almost half the number of people arrested in relation to car crime in London are black.
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Wiltshire Police identify stolen antiques with Swift-Find.com
A recovered painting’s owner was identified within one day of the force introducing Swift-Find.com, a global cross-category database of stolen valuables.
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Police performance indicators to be reformed
The way Scottish police forces measure their performance is to be reformed to ensure it is clearer, more consistent and provides better information to the public about how local services are being delivered.
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Scottish police record special year for crime fighting
ACPOS President Chief Constable Peter Wilson has announced key reductions in crime across Scotland.
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Singing lifestyles in Scotland
Representatives form Strathclyde police will be playing their part in this years Choices for Life celebrations. The annual event will see over 32,000 primary school pupils learn about important life choices as they move into secondary school.
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Federation survey results point to increased incidents of danger
The Police Federation have said officers are facing increased dangers on a regular basis and are struggling to effectively and safely deliver an emergency response to the public, in particular with a growth in gun and knife attacks and increased assaults.
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More serious offenders at large
The Home Office have published further details of foreign nationals, including some convicted of serious offences that remain at large, released without consideration of deportation or removal.
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Police forces refuse to issue wanted posters of missing foreign criminals
The police have been accused of putting human rights before catching the missing foreign nationals released without consideration for deportation after forces across the country refused to issue ‘wanted’ posters for the missing criminals.
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