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A safe Haven
Tucked away down a side street around the corner from the colourfully chaotic market on London’s Whitechapel Road is an unassuming building called the Haven Whitechapel. Behind its doors dedicated staff are on a mission to dispel the myths about rape and sexual assault and encourage greater reporting by South Asian women.
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Taking command of the community
Police Professional takes a look north of the border and puts the spotlight on Strathclyde Police, whose record number of newly-recruited fully-warranted officers will be the foundation of community policing, a model that differs to that of England and Wales.
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Full-time for violence
Out of something bad can come something good and perhaps this is one way of describing the changing face of English football. Long gone is the stereotypical ‘myth’ of the English hooligan, dispelled in part by a policing model that supports the positive forms of English football fan identity.
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Bad girls
Are British women indeed getting more violent? The latest figures would seem to suggest so. Or is it simply that changes in policy and attitude have exposed an undercurrent that’s simmered below the surface all along?
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Respect through ASBIs
On November 5, 2006, an area of Leyland, Lancashire, erupted into flames as residents of a problematic housing estate caused a violent public disorder incident. Seven police officers were seriously injured in the event, prompting police officers for the district to work with the local housing association to implement a serious deterrent to crime. Police Sergeant Neil Sladen talked to Police Professional about the project. Saskia Welman reports.
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Why vetting matters
Anyone who attended this year’s ACPO conference on professional standards would have walked away knowing that vetting is one of the most important topics in the portfolio right now. ACC Simon Cole, ACPO’s lead on vetting, discusses why.
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Freeing up space
Now that the Green Paper has come out, the tide has finally turned against bureaucratic processes and risk aversion. But despite this sea change, the Regulation Advisory Council (RRAC) is still bringing parties together to find out where risk aversion is happening in the Service, as suggested by Sir Ronnie Flanagan. This week it held its first risk forum.
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Managing risk to avoid potential claims
Nick Peel, partner in Weightmans LLP’s police team, examines the duty of care to warn staff of the dangers of violent prisoners following the recent decision in Lloyd v Ministry of Justice Queen’s Bench Division (HHJ Foster QC), October 26, 2007 and its ramifications within the police service.
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Getting in early
A new cooperative project between the Youth Justice Board and the National Policing Improvement Agency seeks to speed up intervention for young offenders.
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Forensic rehabilitation
North east mental health experts have opened a pioneering forensic low secure facility which is providing specialist care for those within the criminal justice system with mental health problems. One of the main aims will be to reduce reoffending.
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