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UKIP pledges to reform 43-force model
Plans to reduce the number of police forces, conduct an extensive review on criminal offences and remove the UK from the European Court of Human Rights are among the proposals in UKIP’s manifesto, launched on Wednesday (April 15)
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Drug reform at forefront of Liberal Democrat manifesto
Plans to relax the law on drugs, increase facilities for victims and ‘designing out’ crime are among the proposals in the Liberal Democrat manifesto, launched on Wednesday (April 14)
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Shared procurement and services pay for 10,000 officers
The Labour Party has pledged to protect 10,000 police officer posts due to be lost over the next three years, if elected in May.
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Green Party promises Royal Commission
The Green Party wants to restrict police use of stop and search powers, abolish police and crime commissioners (PCCs) and establish a Royal Commission on policing.
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Victims services prominent in raft of Tory commitments
The Conservative Party has pledged to implement a raft of policing reforms including an expansion in police-led prosecutions, a crackdown on legal highs and a simplification of the process to deport foreign criminals.
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Speaking of reform Part 2: Jack Dromey
The Shadow Policing Minister provides Police Professional with his assessment of the past five years and indicates the likely content of the Labour Party manifesto, at a time when he sees “mounting problems confronting the police service” and when forces are “reaching a tipping point” in their ability to provide neighbourhood policing.
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Speaking of reform Part 1: Damian Green
Parliament was dissolved at midnight on Sunday (March 29) and the Prime Minister formally kicked off the general election the next day. Manifesto pledges are still being written but we interviewed leading Labour and Conservative politicians on what the last five years have meant and what the police service is likely to see after the election on May 7.
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