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Safety in justice
Olly Martins believes it is time to address the issues surrounding the use of section 136 powers that he feels do a terrible injustice both to those in mental health crisis and the police.
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PCC seeks new chief executive to help drive forward strategic alliance
Executive Spotlight
With the new neighbourhood policing model introduced last week, the Warwickshire and West Mercia strategic alliance is developing apace. Since the alliance was initially announced last year, both forces have created joint chief officer teams, albeit with separate chief constables and police and crime commissioners (PCCs), and have merged a variety of different departments, both back-office functions and frontline or specialist police units, like the firearms team.
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Enabling efficiency
Technology is making it easier to maximise visibility, get closer to communities and is now helping the public sector share both information and infrastructure that will lead to greater productivity and effectiveness.
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Pricing itself out
Mev Brown argues that minimum pricing to curb alcohol abuse is a prime example of a policy that meets all the criteria for policy failure.
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PCCs and partnerships
Miranda Carruthers-Watt, Chief Executive of Lancashire Police Authority looks at the way the new policing landscape is shaping up and predicts that in the future it will be a more closely interlinked picture.
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The slow death of independent and impartial policing?
Former chief constable and chief executive of the National Policing Improvement Agency, Peter Neyroud, believes Part 2 of the Winsor Review has some positive findings but overall could have serious repercussions for the long-term health of the service.
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Lions led by?
In its response to Winsor Part 2 the police service appears to be defending the status quo, which is indefensible, says former chief constable Paul Kernaghan, who believes it should now see the proposals as an opportunity and get on with implementing them.
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Training v experience
As the service debates the value of experience and training to direct entry, Troy Bankert, a police officer from the US, examines how Newton’s Cradle provides a useful metaphor for the impact of both on police officers.
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DFID and the police
Andrew Mitchell MP explains why tackling corruption is at the heart of the Government’s approach to aid for the benefit of people both here and in the poorest parts of the world.
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Temporary treasure
Getting a temporary promotion can be a real bonus, particularly financially. But, as Tariq Butt explains, the return to your regular role can present a number of challenges.
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