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Assets won’t go to NCA
The Home Office has said that it does not currently “envisage” that existing policing assets will be taken out of police forces and subsumed into the new National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of its reform proposals.
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No budget veto for PCPs
Police and Crime Panels (PCPs) will not have powers to veto the proposed budget or the police and crime plan, the Home Office has said.
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Select Committee issues advice on police reform
Police Reform
The Home Affairs Select Committee is recommending that former chief police officers should be prevented from standing for election as Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in their own areas for four years after leaving the service. The committee’s report examining the proposed PCCs – that took into account the differing views of its committee members – suggests that this was to prevent them being in the position of scrutinising the decisions made while in office.
The decision would apply to assistant chief constable ranks and above.

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