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<b><i>Paul Hoare: Officers cannot<br>carry out the analysis needed to<br>prevent cyber attacks if they do<br>not have the data to work from Denying intelligence
As the cost of mounting a distributed denial of service attack has reduced to almost nothing, victims stand accused of failing to report attacks and providing the opportunity for criminals to go undetected.
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<b><i>Roger Bannister Courage in communications
One year on since the launch of a hard-hitting CSE film, Leicestershire’s retiring Deputy Chief Constable Roger Bannister calls for more courageous communications by forces.
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<b><i>Dr Kui Ren Distorting identification
Unique flaws in smartphone camera sensors could provide new opportunities to make secure connections or identify users.
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<b><i>Dame Anne Owers Partners in learning
Before leaving the Independent Police Complaints Commission as it changes name and structure next week, its chair Dame Anne Owers calls for greater public participation to create a new culture of accountability and improvement.
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<b><i>Microsoft chief technology officer<br>Matt Bishop Unleashing innovation
Matt Bishop, Microsoft’s policing chief technology officer, explained to delegates at the recent Excellence in Policing conference how the technology giant’s ‘growth mindset’ has led its transformation to cloud technology and suggested how policing can learn to innovate from others doing the same.
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<b><i>Image found on the computer<br>of the teenager convicted of<br>planning an attack in Cardiff Company of wolves
New research proposes that lone wolf terrorists do not act so alone. Police Professional examines their development as a threat and the factors that could help law enforcement.
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Learning to research
This week, the Research Inspector looks at the University of Lincoln, which has been blending learning and research and, with the active involvement of the police, including some co-teaching on its Police Studies Module.
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<b><i>Karen Stephens Stress testing

As the morale of detectives across the country hits rock bottom and recruiters struggle to find candidates to fill vacancies, Police Professional takes an in-depth look at one key factor – the fear of being subjected to an IPCC investigation.

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<b><i>Superintendent Martin Cleworth Treasuring ANPR
The threat that County Lines gangs pose to communities demands an urgent response from the service. Superintendent Martin Cleworth shares how his own force has overcome this issue using a resource that is often under-utilised.
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<b><i>Klodjan Copja A plea to consumers
Police Professional looks at the development of Albanian organised groups in the UK and why their own Prime Minister wants the UK to take action.
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