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<b><i>GMP officers make Operation<br>Damson arrests in 2015</b></i> Long sentences follow 'courageous' undercover operation
A three-year undercover operation by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has resulted in the conviction of more than 20 criminals from Salford for crimes ranging from drug trafficking to possession of firearms.
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<b><i>The tip-off that led to<br>the arrest of Angela Whitworth<br>came less than two weeks after the<br>launch of a social media campaign. International appeal
When a cause of death is unknown, there is little forensics evidence and the main suspect has fled overseas, obtaining a warrant to extradite a suspect can be problematic. That is where social media was vital in the conviction for the murder of Sarah Duhane.
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<b><i>Professor Dawson: Every patch<br>of soil has a unique history</b></i> Soil sleuths
As investigators turn to science to answer questions on crime scenes, forensic experts are making connections simply by digging the dirt on offenders.
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<b><i>Tony Laud from Police Money<br>Matters presents the award to<br>Det Supt Pete Holdcroft, MPS MPS terror detectives take top honours
A team of detectives from the Metropolitan Police Sevice’s (MPS’) SO15 Counter Terrorism Command who foiled a plan to kill American servicemen near airbases in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire have won a top award.
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<b><i>Dr Jon Wetton</b></i> DNA’s power to protect
A recent Scottish case has highlighted how DNA can support a prosecution when animals are the only evidence. Police Professional looks at the ways its scientific development is now assisting in protecting wildlife here and overseas.
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<b><i>David John Green's arm<br>described accurately by victim</b></i> DNA and distinctive mark solves 1983 kidnap
A man who kidnapped and seriously sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl 33 years ago has been brought justice thanks to advances in DNA technology and a distinctive, home-made tattoo.
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<b> <I> Damage from squirrels gnawing on <br> the leg bone of a white-tailed deer  </i> </b> Gnawing evidence
The prominence of scavenger interference in crime scenes has prompted significant research on the impact to investigations. Police Professional spoke to researchers here and in the US on their recent findings of this disturbing phenomena.
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Fair distinction
Following the revelation that virtual identity parade images are frequently altered to prevent identification by distinguishing marks alone, researchers sought to find out if the practice is correct and found there are more ways to accommodate tattoos and other features.
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<b><i>Billy Roy Day: jury not told<br>of 1998 manslaughter conviction</b></i> DNA leads to 1984 rape conviction
A man who raped a Swedish au pair has been convicted more than 30 years after committing the crime.
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<b><i>Arran Coghlan has 90 days<br>to hand over house keys</b></i> Man acquitted of three murders to lose mansion
The National Crime Agency (NCA) has been granted a Possession Order against the home of a man dubbed the "Teflon Don" who must now hand over the keys to the Cheshire mansion within the next 90 days.
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