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Airwave mobile data – providing the gateway
When forces started to use desktop computing 15-20 years ago, the decision over infrastructure was much simpler – typically local area networks (LANs). At the moment, 53 forces are faced with choices and confusion over devices, networks, platforms and which processes to use to mobilise information.
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The future of biometric PDAs
A number of companies offer hand-held iris recognition devices. Some of these are ‘rugged’ units which are already being used in military applications in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Secure tracking and communications
EADS Defence and Security (EADS DS) has developed an innovative, highly-secure, bi-directional tracking system which could transform the way organisations such as police forces share sensitive information and manage operational teams.
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Merseyside rolls out latest MDT solution
Following a 12-month live trial of in-vehicle mobile data solutions, Merseyside Police is deploying Futronics’ eMC2 Mobile Data Technology (MDT) system. Merseyside Police has around 400 MDT solutions in operation across the force as it uses the latest crime-fighting technology to deliver safer, more efficient, visible policing to the community. Having a robust MDT system in the toolbox has proved to be a very powerful way of tackling crime in Merseyside.
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Mobile data solution for UK police
MobileAware has signed an exclusive reseller agreement with Arqiva covering sales to police authorities in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for three of MobileAware’s core products: SmartIP, ExpressQ and IntelliSwitching.
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Futronics develops the ultimate intelligent vehicle controls
Futronics, provider of the latest mobile data technology solutions to the police, emergency services and other government agencies, is proud to announce the introduction of the new eVC, the next generation vehicle controller. It integrates all of the functionality of an intelligent in-vehicle power management controller, incorporating a comprehensive input/output switching module and a mobile data terminal (MDT) interface, in one standalone unit.
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NACOSS gold approval for ClearView
ClearView Communications was awarded the coveted NSI NACOSS Gold accreditation at this year’s IFSEC exhibition at the NEC.
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Spy vehicles catch thieves red-handed
A police force in South East England is using VIT Innovation’s covert equipment in a number of ‘trap’ vehicles to capture evidential images – in day and night conditions – of ‘smash and grab’ thieves who break into parked vehicles to steal valuables.
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New speed monitoring ANPR system
CA Traffic has launched a non-enforcement ‘average speed over distance’ ANPR system.
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Helping to win the war against anti-social behaviour
Anti-social behaviour presents a dilemma for communities across the UK. The term itself covers a range of problems such as disruptive neighbours, vandalism, graffiti, abandoned cars, drug dealing and large groups of rowdy youths. If anti-social behaviour in a community is left to grow unchallenged, it can lead to the decline of the neighbourhood, as people are forced to move away and tenants abandon houses.
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