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Joint response cuts demand on force
Kent Police has teamed up with the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) to pilot a new joint response unit that will deliver a “more effective service” to the public. The response vehicle will be manned by a paramedic and two special constables and will be assigned to incidents across Medway and Swale that require a joint attendance.
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<b><i>Clive Grunshaw ‘Valuable step’ in identifying vulnerable victims
Training sessions are being held across Lancashire to help frontline staff identify whether someone is a victim of modern slavery and how best they can help.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer ‘Bridging the gap’ on modern slavery
More than 150 frontline officers from across Yorkshire and the Humber are the latest to be trained in improving the police response to modern slavery and getting a better understanding of “best practice in investigation management and victim engagement”.
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<b><i>(left to right) Superintendent Jon<br>Dodman and Chief Constable Gareth<br>Wilson, Councillor Matthew Hicks<br>and PCC Tim Passmore with<br>one of the new drones Multi-agency drones get airborne
Two unmanned aerial vehicles – more commonly known as drones – have been launched in Suffolk as part of a new a multi-agency air support unit. They will provide a range of aerial surveillance options to support emergency services and voluntary organisations across a wide range of incidents.
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Private CCTV cameras put officers in the picture
Residents in Hertfordshire are being encouraged to join a ‘CCTV Watch’ initiative that is designed to help police officers investigating crimes find relevant CCTV footage more quickly.
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Forces get message across on sexting
Forces in the South West have teamed up for a campaign to educate young people about the consequences of sexting and help them to “avoid making a decision they later regret”. Messages went out to parents last week on Facebook and Twitter, and to young people on Instagram and Snapchat. Printed materials will also be used to extend the reach of the safety messages “outside of the digital world”.
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<b><i>Dr Alan Billings (second from<br>right) with staff at the<br>Clifton Learning Partnership At-risk Roma girls educated on CSE dangers
South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner is funding an initiative to help educate Roma families on the dangers of child sexual exploitation (CSE).
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<b><i>Dame Vera Baird Cyber volunteers join fight against digital crime
Volunteer cyber specialists have been recruited to add their expertise to Northumbria Police in the battle against internet-related crime and will even be given opportunities to support live police operations and investigations.
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<b><i>Alison Hernandez (centre) with<br>CCTV partners Integrated CCTV ‘hubs’ provide coordinated response
Integrated CCTV ‘super hubs’ are ensuring a “coordinated approach to enforcement and to community safety across Cornwall”.
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Force engages with deaf students
West Midlands Police officers have been returning to the classroom to find an alternative way of providing crime prevention advice to vulnerable members of the community.
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