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Witness protection conference
A conference organised by McKay Law will focus on the management of witness protection policies and procedures.
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National Occupational Standards development for the inspection of public services
Skills for Justice will begin a project to develop new National Occupational Standards (NOS), and explore the demand for qualifications, for the Inspection of Public Services.
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Review of the Policing and Law Enforcement NOS Suite
Skills for Justice will be reviewing the NOS suite for Policing and Law Enforcement in the forthcoming year.
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Opportunity to trial firearms tactics
A team from NCPE Uniformed Operational Support will take new public order firearms tactics at a European Public Order Exercise.
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Sergeant promotion trial success
Thames Valley Police has promoted its first group of sergeants under the police promotion trial, which started last March.
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Analyst: A recognised role
West Midlands are a major employer of analysts. We spoke to Principal Analyst Esther Martin about the developing role of analysis in the force.
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Cyber crime training
There are few opportunities for accreditation in the world of cyber crime says Nigel Jones, head of high tech crime training at the NCPE Specialist Training Department. In response, a partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University College now offers learning and accreditation for different avenues of professional development to Masters degree.
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OSPRE at the crossroads
Hertfordshire Constabulary is the first force to promote officers without going through the OSPRE Part II exam, as part of a trial that has been endorsed by senior personnel, the local federation, candidates and staff being supervised by those qualified under the new promotion process.
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Applying science
A unique partnership between South Wales and two universities will have dual goals of developing both applied research in policing and recruits who are qualified in police science as well being trained to special levels.
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A new section coming soon
The new Careers and Development Review section will form a basis of learning for all levels of the service
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