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Problem-solving analysis in a changing environment
An innovative approach to engagement has identified a wider range of
data available to analysts and radically changed the way analysts
relate to the work they do in Warwickshire. Gemma Ilston reports.

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Forensic hand image comparison as an aid for paedophile investigations
Investigative Practice
Prof Sue Black, Dr Xanthé Mallett and Dr
Chris Rynn from the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of
Dundee, and DS Nick Duffield, Metropolitan Police Service paedophile unit,
examine how Dean Hardy eventually confessed to, and was subsequently charged
and convicted of, sex offences against children – largely as a result of
forensic hand comparison evidence.

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Regional insight
The use of automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) technology as
an intercept tool has long been proven as an effective operational
tactic for police teams. But what about the abundance of intelligence
that sits in each force’s ANPR back office facility? Project Insight
was established to exploit this intelligence and develop new and
innovative ways of analysing such data on a regional basis. Kate
McCafferty explains how it was done.

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Beyond assessment
Safer Birmingham Partnership used the production of a comprehensive substance misuse needs assessment as an opportunity to look at Birmingham’s alcohol and drug problem in a different way. Analyst Helen Hodges explains how creating an analytical product could also provide valuable information on the underlying causes of the problem.
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Crime trends in a recession
The West Midlands Police analytical team was keen to understand the potential impact the economic recession would have on crime trends in the area. Michael Mitchell, an intelligence analyst at the Safer Birmingham Partnership, talks to Police Professional about his findings.
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Imagery intelligence for CCTV analysis
Imagery intelligence has been a recognised profession in the military for over 70 years – and there are significant parallels between the analysis of CCTV images and the analysis carried out by military imagery intelligence experts. Dave Ashton, director of Global Intelligence Solutions, spoke to Police Professional about the similarities between the two professions, and how improving the skill sets of CCTV analysts can improve investigations.
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Targeting car crime
When a division of Lancashire Constabulary noticed a worsening problem with a type of acquisitive theft, it responded with an initiative that was to see the level of offences drop by close to 70 per cent. Inspector Jackie Hirst talked to Police Professional about Operation Angel – an initiative which combats the theft of satellite navigation systems and related equipment. Saskia Welman reports.
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Tracking the footfall of crime
Plans to publish interactive crime maps for every police force area in England and Wales have been unveiled. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith recently announced the move on a visit to West Midlands Police, whose award-winning portal, MyNeighbourhood, is a useful benchmark for force IT managers building public-facing sites that pinpoint the locations of crimes.
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Building a strategy to protect children from online sex abuse
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre published the first Strategic Threat Assessment on serious sexual offences against children in 2007 and is due to publish its second in the summer. Police Professional talks to Victoria Baines, Strategic Analyst at CEOP, about its Strategic Overview, what the assessment provides for police officers and her important data request from the service. Saskia Welman reports.
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Understanding the behaviour of child sex offenders
Investigations into the sexual abuse of children are often all too common and can be challenging to deal with. In a bid to better understand the nature of this crime and the people who commit these offences, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has recently launched the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) – a specialist unit that provides intelligence support to forces dealing with investigations into serious sexual offences against children. Police Professional talks to Graham Hill, head of the BAU, about how the unit works. Saskia Welman reports.
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