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The Extended Policing Family (EPF) Project
The Extended Policing Family (EPF) Project Board held its fifth meeting recently. Membership now includes representatives from the Association of Police Authorities (APA), Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), Skills for Justice, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Home Office. A number of recommendations have been made, including that a programme definition and business case be developed in the short term to define the scope and benefits of the programme.
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Forces unite to target dangerous motorcyclists
Police forces in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Humberside, Cleveland and Durham have agreed to support the North Yorkshire operation which last year saw motorcycling fatalities fall from 28 to 17.
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Heavy goods
There is more than £1m worth of plant and equipment stolen each week in the UK, with a recovery rate of less than five per cent. The total value of stolen equipment recorded in the UK is estimated at being in excess of £200m. Barry Kinley-Smith describes the work of an organisation set up to help track the organised criminal trade in plant machinery.
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Safe havens
Officers investigating wildlife crime need to be aware of the risks of infection and injury, warns Martyn Grant
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ACPO defends progress ahead of CRE report
ACPO has warned that the current climate within the police service could create "a defensive attitude to race and diversity", despite improvements on a range of issues including the investigation of racist crime and the strengthening of community relations.
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Hot metal
A major initiative aimed at tackling the growing illegal trade in broken down and abandoned vehicles is suffering from local apathy and a ‘hit and miss’ approach, reports Norman Luck.
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A serious business
SOCA is expected to make significant inroads into tackling serious and organised crime. And, while the status and pay levels of officers joining SOCA is still being keenly debated, the creation of the new agency could have an even wider impact on the career opportunities of professional investigators
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The speaking cop

Mat Hanrahan outlines how voice recognition technology is set to revolutionise the way the police service deals with inquiries from the public.

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New campaign targets Islamophopbia

A scheme to encourage more Muslims to report crimes that are anti-Islamic has been launched in four forces in England, and could be rolled out across the service.

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