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PC Rathband shooting - who was responsible?
George Thomas says the recent High Court decision in Rathband v chief constable of Northumbria should not be regarded as providing ‘blanket immunity’ from negligence claims, even in the operational context.
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Defining completion
Amy Caves examines the recent case of Susan Flower v HM Coroner for the County of Devon, Plymouth, Torbay and South Devon and others (the chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission) [2015] EWHC 3666 (Admin).
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Necessity to arrest
On an objective assessment, the intended arrests of a number of former soldiers as part of the criminal investigation into Bloody Sunday were unlawful, the arrests not being necessary for the prompt and effective investigation of the offences or conduct under review, explains Nick Peel.
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You’ve got mail (And we have read it)
George Thomas and Aaron Rathmell consider the impact for workplace privacy of last week’s European Court of Human Rights case on access to employees’ internet usage.
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A duty of care
Tom Pendlebury examines Taser use and the importance of proper aftercare.
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Assessing fitness for duty
How can a police force maintain minimum standards of physical fitness without discriminating against a serving officer? Rad Kohanzad examines two recent employment tribunal decisions.
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Coroner’s investigations – getting it right
Why is the inquest process often so difficult to manage? How can we make it easier for those caught up in a coronial investigation? George Thomas examines the issues.
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Alison Deighton Examining the options
There are significant changes ahead for data protection laws. Alison Deighton and Varun Shingari examine the implications for policing from proposed EU reforms.
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Paul McFarlane Compensation must add up
Paul McFarlane discusses a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision in chief constable of Northumbria Police v David Erichsen arising from a successful disability discrimination claim brought by a former police officer where it was found that the appeal tribunal had made numerous mistakes in the way in which it had calculated the officer’s compensation for the pension loss that he suffered.
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Coming to the rescue
George Thomas looks at how the legal duties on rescuers have changed over recent years.
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