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The value of an integrated business model
Chief Superintendent Peter Moyes argues for a universally understood planning process for the whole business of the BCU and operational activity.
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Thames Valley Police defends PCSO recruitment
Thames Valley Police has defended its decision to recruit two 16-year-olds and three 17-year-olds as police community support officers (PCSOs).
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New Justice chief executive
John Randall, chair of Skills for Justice, has this week announced that the new chief executive of Skills for Justice will be Alan Woods OBE, (pictured) currently chief executive of the environmental charity ENCAMS.
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Masters degree in terrorism
Sheffield Hallam University has launched a new Masters degree course in terrorism
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Gun crime debate
Delegates from the police service and wider criminal justice system will be debating the main issues relating to gun crime at a conference being held in London in September
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Community placement for Thames Valley trainees
New student police officers in the Thames Valley area are benefiting from work experience set up with the help of police partners in supporting housing services
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Dyslexic officer wins ruling that he is ‘disabled’
A Metropolitan Police inspector has won a legal victory that dyslexia is a disability in the eyes of the law.
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Specialists in ‘wider policing’ needed
Skills for Justice is seeking specialists with knowledge of the wider policing areas to assist in developing the National Occupational Standards (NOS).
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Distinguished award for West Midlands officers
A fingerprint officer and detective from West Midlands Police have received the Brian Newbury Award for their crime fighting efforts.
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Diversity award for the Met’s recruitment advertising
The Metropolitan Police’s recruitment campaign has impressed the judges of the Guardian’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Development Awards and picked up the accolade for the best advertising campaign in the Diversity category.
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