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<b><i>JAILED: Daniel Cowell will<br>spend more than five<br>years behind bars Car thief jailed after ramming police cars on two separate occasions
A man who rammed a police car with a stolen transit van, leaving two officers hospitalised, has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison.
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Federation asks for alternatives to ‘reckless’ railway merger
Officers have urged the Scottish government to consider alternatives to the full integration of Police Scotland and British Transport Police (BTP).
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Ombudsman investigates fatal collision following police chase
The Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (PONI) is investigating the events preceding the collision of stolen car which led to the death of a woman.
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<b><i>Tola Munro: NBPA 'missing out'</b></i> Stephen Lawrence debate: NBPA asks Home Secretary to restore ‘equality’ on funding
Black and minority ethnic officers are demanding proper government backing to effect real change as a “fitting legacy” for their efforts in redressing policing’s diversity failings of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry era.
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Ex-police race relations champion to appear in court over alleged racism in betting shop
A former race relations adviser to Avon and Somerset Constabulary, who was Tasered after officers mistook him for a wanted man, has been charged with a racially aggravated offence.
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<b><i>Roseanna Cunningham: Research<br>will 'unlock the potential' of using<br>DNA to track criminals</b></i> Groundbreaking research could help track wildlife criminals through DNA
Officers investigating wildlife crime could soon be able to retrieve human DNA from the scene days later following the latest forensic breakthrough.
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<b><i>Salah Abdeslam Paris attack suspect found guilty of terror offences in Belgium
The last surviving suspect of the 2015 Paris terror attacks has been convicted over the shootout that led to his arrest.
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New partnership aims to boost trans support across Cheshire
Cheshire’s police and fire and rescue services will work together to provide better support for transgender people.
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<b><i>Stephen Lawrence: 25th <br>anniversary of his murder</b></i> Stephen Lawrence: Timeline of a policing legacy that changed the collective conscience of a nation
The investigation into a cowardly crime "committed for no other reason than racial hatred" may have been greeted with an almost deafening silence by an indifferent nation a quarter of a century ago – but the legacy left by the life and death of Stephen Lawrence knows no parallels.
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Force’s largest ever jail sentence secured after gang warfare crackdown
Nine men will spend a total of 170 years behind bars in the longest joint prison term ever secured by Bedfordshire Police.
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