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<b><i>Anthony Bangham: 'Drivers, put<br>safety first and keep your eyes<br>on the road'</b></i> Crackdowns launched on criminal drivers
Forces across England and Wales will come together to stop people from using their phones behind the wheel as new figures show two-thirds of motorists think they can get away with breaking the law.
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<b><i>Oliver Mears: No evidence<br>offered in two-and-a-half year long<br>rape case</b></i> Trial collapse prompts second rape case review
A second force will review its rape investigations after a trial collapsed over the late disclosure of evidence.
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Concern over force's ability to manage demands from vulnerability
Cleveland Police is becoming overwhelmed by the number of child protection cases reported to the force, an inspection report has revealed.
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<b><i>Trevor Gray: Cleared</b></i> Force: Judge wrong to quash PAT decision and order sacked detective’s reinstatement
A force has won an appeal against a High Court decision to reinstate an officer who was wrongly convicted of rape.
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<b><I>Nick Hurd: 'How do we work<br>together in a smarter way?'<br>(Image: Police ICT Company)</b></i> Forces challenged to maintain progress in ‘age of ICT acceleration’
Policing must come together to work out the next step on its ICT journey, leading figures have said.
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<b><i>Rashan Charles: Died in July</b></i> MPS officer faces no charges over death of Rashan Charles
A police officer who was being investigated after the death of Rashan Charles will not be prosecuted.
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<b><i>It was recommended that Matthew<br>Horne should receive management<bR>advice DCC avoids dismissal following abusive behaviour towards junior collegaues
A chief officer who was accused of verbally and physically attacking two junior colleagues will keep his job despite being found guilty on three counts of misconduct.
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<b><i>Device: Part exploded</b></i> Parsons Green: Teenager denies terror charge
A teenager accused of a terror bomb attack that injured 30 commuters at a London tube station has denied responsibility.
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<b><i>Friday Bill: Sarah Wollaston</b></i> Bill to protect stalking victims with tougher police powers
MPs have given their support to a Private Member’s Bill which aims to plug “serious gaps” in existing stalking laws that can leave victims vulnerable to abuse while police build a case against the suspected perpetrator.
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PIRC launches fresh inquiries into senior officers
The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) has launched two fresh investigations into senior officers following new allegations.
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