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College proposes end to automatic belief of victims
Forces are being urged to stop automatically believing victims’ accounts due to the fallout of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) investigation into high-profile sex abuse.
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Officer sentenced for accessing sensitive data on six occasions
A police officer who accessed force computer systems for non-policing purposes has been given a six-month community order.
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<b><i>Nick Hurd: Home Office is<br>'committed to presenting and<br>explaining police funding clearly'</b></i> Home Office working on funding analysis as budget officially confirmed by Policing Minister
The Government is considering releasing regular analysis of police funding as the budget for 2018/19 was formally confirmed.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Jon Boutcher:<br 'We can do more <br>and we will do more.'</b></i> Post Stephen Lawrence, 'can we look in the mirror and say we have done enough?'
Chief constables have been challenged to address racial disparity more effectively to avoid “another iconic tragedy” stemming progress as policing begins the next stage of its recovery journey from the Stephen Lawrence legacy failings.
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<b><i>The Stephen Lawrence story: <br> One of 'hope not despair'</b></i> Legacy lives on as Stephen Lawrence Day to be created in tribute to murdered teenager
The extraordinary legacy of Stephen Lawrence that proved a catalyst for “huge and really positive change” throughout policing has been laid down for future generations.
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Instagram rap tribute to dead boy lands UK teenager in court for ‘hate crime’
A police officer whose brother was killed in a savage racist attack told a teenage woman in court why it is “offensive and upsetting” to both black and white people to use the ‘n’ word in any context.
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International drug import network sentenced over £66m seizure
Eight people involved in an international cocaine and heroin empire have been jailed following the biggest value drug seizure ever made by Greater Manchester Police (GMP).
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Advanced technology helping migrant smuggling gangs stay ahead of the curve
Migrant smugglers are turning to more and more sophisticated methods to get people across international borders, a new Europol report claims.
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<b><i>Closed: Bourne Hill station</b></i> New temporary location for Salisbury police station in nerve agent clean-up
Police services in Salisbury are facing major upheaval as a multi-million-pound contamination project gets underway to clean-up the after-effects of the nerve agent attack.
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<b><i>JAILED: Daniel Cowell will<br>spend more than five<br>years behind bars Car thief jailed after ramming police cars on two separate occasions
A man who rammed a police car with a stolen transit van, leaving two officers hospitalised, has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison.
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