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<b><i>Leppings Lane: Hillsborough 1989</b></i> Hillsborough tragedy accused to mount ‘abuse of process' challenge
Six suspects including three retired South Yorkshire Police officers and a force solicitor accused of offences related to the Hillsborough disaster will attempt to block any prosecution.
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<b><i>Flashpoint: Brussels Central Station</b></i> 'Foiled terror attack' at busy railway station
Belgium has tightened security even more to counter fears that lone attackers could strike "anywhere and at any time" – a day after a suspected suicide bomber tried to blow himself up before being shot dead at a busy Brussels railway station.

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<b><i>Armoury: One of world's biggest </b></i> Joint operation seizes more than 10,000 weapons 'destined for terrorism'
Police have seized more than 10,000 "weapons of war" – destined for criminal and terrorist groups in Europe – in one of the biggest arms hauls in history.
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Successful pilot brings roll-out of BWVs in Northern Ireland
Officers in Belfast have switched on body-worn video cameras (BWVs) for the first time confident the biggest roll-out of technology in Northern Ireland will lead to "improved quality" of evidence-gathering.
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<b><i>David Duckenfield:<br>unprepared for command</b></i> 'Milestone' in justice for Hillsborough 96
The 96 Liverpool football fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster were victims of “gross negligence” at the hands of match commander David Duckenfield, the inquest jury concluded.
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<b><i>Missing: Madeleine McCann</b></i> Home Office funds ‘for six months’ may signal end of MPS search for Madeleine McCann
Police have been provided with enough funds to keep the investigation to try to unravel the mystery behind missing Madeleine McCann going for a further six months.
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<b><i>Peter Wanless: This rise is 'deeply<br>worrying'</b></i> Child sex offences soar by a third to record levels
The number of child sex offences reported to police reached an all-time high last year as 124 reports were made every day.
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84 per cent of people are victims of attempted cybercrime
A comprehensive survey of cybercrime in the South East of England has shown that a fraction of people report incidents to the police.
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MPS outsourcing capabilities criticised
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) lacks the commercial expertise to negotiate good deals for outsourcing its back office services, a report from the London Assembly has concluded.
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David Cameron Tories win majority but crime and justice not an election issue
The Conservative Party has won a working majority in the general election, disproving the vast majority of pollsters and political commentators.
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