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<b><i>Jamie Wilson A material view
With reviews under way into disclosure processes, Jamie Wilson suggests forces develop their processes to ensure evidence can be shared more easily.
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The internet of policing
The world we live in is increasingly digital – and forces are slowly adapting to meet the challenges. Martin Wallace explains the benefits of embracing technology.
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John Shaw: nuanced debate needed More than cops v cuts
Police forces across the UK have undergone significant changes over the past five years to play their part in reducing public sector expenditure and the central government deficit. Last month, the inspector of constabulary paid tribute to police leaders, officers and civilians for their ability to absorb those cuts while crime has continued to fall and maintaining public satisfaction.
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Altia celebrates 10th annual Keith Hughes Awards
On March 18 to 19, 200 of the top law officers and investigators from the UK will be attending the Serious and Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) 2015 conference, sponsored by Altia Solutions.
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improve your investigations
Industry viewpoint
How processing more CDs can actually save you money and improve your investigations
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3ami MAS delivers cost savings to the service
Already a proven tool of choice for many Professional Standards Departments, the multi-functionalities of the 3ami Monitoring and Audit System (MAS) are now being utilised to deliver direct financial and resource savings to the UK’s Police Service.
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E-forensics growth All crime is becoming e-crime
Efficient e-crime forensics
As many investigations now mean seizing any number of suspects’ digital devices for examination, forces are coming to terms with the dilemma that is how to manage the rapid growth in data passing through high-tech crime units (HTCUs) without increasing the size of the teams to match the scale of the task.
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Quality driving efficiency
The reduction of waste and protection of front lines are two issues occupying huge amounts of chief officers’ time up and down the country, but a number of forces are realising that quality data collection at the front end can address this challenge, with one saying it is helping to contribute to it being able to recruit additional police officers.
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Wise management
Cost savings and accountability are reasons why forces are now considering using an already tried and tested system, designed to protect a force’s reputation for a much wider role. Police Professional looks into how 3ami’s Monitoring and Audit System (MAS) is reaching out beyond its original professional standards role to help deal with austerity in policing.
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Delivering affordability
Industrial viewpoint
As police forces face the challenge laid out by central government to
achieve savings, there is a greater focus on the way that collaboration
could take centre stage. Partnerships with the private sector in
delivering non-core functions could help to protect the ‘front line’.

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