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<b><i>Sergeant Glen Iceton Against the law
The messages from politicians and scrutiny bodies goes against the spirit of stop and search legislation and are creating uncertainty over police powers. Sergeant Glen Iceton proposes a wider debate on how they should be used.
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Seeing the signs
With the number of older drivers on the roads rising rapidly, there is concern that the danger they pose is also increasing. Police Professional looks at the proposals to limit the casualties from those who are no longer fit to get behind the wheel.
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Shopping for efficiency
With the volume of shoplifting offences creating a dilemma for forces, Durham Constabulary has determined to ensure that all reports are dealt with and demand is reduced, and not just in the short term.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Charlie Hall<br>(left) and Detective Sergeant<br>Steve Smales 4Ps of ANPR
As a solution is finally piloted ahead of an imminent national rollout, Police Professional reports on the likely benefits and how forces need to prepare frontline staff to see ANPR as not just a tool for the pursuit of offenders.
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<b><i>Samantha Andrews Eliciting the truth
Dr Samantha Andrews explains the development of interview techniques involving child victims and witnesses, and puts the case for adequate training and development on the issue.
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Context and clusters
This week, the Research Inspector looks at a study being conducted into how the ‘forager theory’ could help map future thefts from motor vehicles and explains how the impact of police research can be better illustrated.
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<b><i>Paul Kennedy Speeding up evolution
Paul Kennedy proposes a shortcut to digital transformation and makes the case for urgently taking advantage of the available opportunities.
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<b><i>Ian Blackhurst Getting a shift on
Ian Blackhurst discusses how once a day briefings could soon be consigned to history.
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<b><i>Katie Kempen (left) and<br>Superintendent Katy Barrow-Grint Dignity in detention
Custody suites have been updated and made much safer in recent years but failed to provide for women’s basic needs, according to custody visitors. Police Professional looks into the issue and talks to one force that is making feminine requirements a national topic of conversation.
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<b><i>Meagan Mirza Ready for impact
The implementation of new legislation and the sensitivities of automatic numberplate recognition data will mean forces must be prepared for changes taking place. Meagan Mirza explains the legal ramifications.
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