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Sport helps young people ‘face down’ extremism
A youth football club in Sheffield is tackling extremism “head on” through sport.
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Help for children exposed to domestic abuse
A pilot project that provides “early support and intervention to vulnerable children” living with domestic abuse is to be rolled out to more schools across the West Midlands after positive feedback from teachers and staff.
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Pupils pilot cyber security initiative
Schoolchildren in Gloucestershire are the first in the country to take part in a planned UK-wide initiative designed “to protect and equip children to remain safe online”. Cyber4Schools aims to help students, parents and teachers understand the basics of cyber security.
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<b><i>Matthew Scott (left) and Victim<br>Support's David Naylor at the<br>launch of the charity's new<br>live chat service ‘Live chat’ offers victims of crime real-time support
Independent charity Victim Support has launched a new online ‘live chat’ service for victims of crime in Kent who may find it difficult to access support over the phone or in person.
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<b><i>Surrey PCC David Munro (centre<br>right) with partner agencies at the<br>new one-stop shop One-stop shop to reduce reoffending
A new ‘one-stop shop’ has been opened that provides a range of support services to stop those on probation from returning to a life of crime and to help “get their lives back on track”.
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Force appoints first sex worker liaison officer
A first-ever dedicated police liaison officer to support sex workers has been appointed in Merseyside as part of a new project to ensure they are able to “work free from violence, abuse and exploitation”.
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<b><i>Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts ‘Health and justice’ support for vulnerable
Vulnerable people who have “no place in a custody cell” are to receive the “right support, in the right place, at the right time” as part of a new fully-integrated health and diversion service that has been launched in Greater Manchester.
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Educating ‘recreational’ drugs users
A new video has been released as part of an anti-drugs campaign to highlight the link between recreational use and “serious violence and intimidation” in Northern Ireland’s communities.
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‘Sobriety tags’ piloted to call time on reoffending
Alcohol monitoring technology is to be piloted by the Humberside, Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company (HLNY CRC) to tackle alcohol misuse and associated offending.
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‘WiSE up’ to boys’ sexual exploitation
A report from the YMCA warning that boys and young men risk being overlooked as potential victims of sexual exploitation has prompted a new campaign to raise public awareness that it is not only girls who are at risk.
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