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Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick Force backs trans equality initiative
Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and are among the 13 launch partners for a new programme by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) charity Stonewall that aims to create better ‘allies’ for trans people and bring “positive change in workplaces and communities”.
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<b><i>Principal Mike Westerdale with<br>PCC Jane Kennedy A first for school-based hate crime reporting
The first school-based third party hate crime reporting centre has opened in Merseyside to enable victims or witnesses to get help to report an incident in complete confidence.
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‘Drunk’ actors test ‘lax alcohol sales’
Bedfordshire Police used volunteer actors pretending they were drunk in an innovative operation to test whether local pubs and clubs would sell them alcohol. The force said it had conducted the exercise to raise awareness of the implications of selling alcohol to drunk people and to help tackle alcohol-related violence and harm.
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‘Kids and teens’ zone promotes personal safety
A website designed to help and guide young people, parents and professionals on personal safety, crime prevention and reporting has been launched by Leicestershire Police.
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<b><i)(left to right) Kristy Stephens,<br>Hannah Blades, Debbie McGibbon<br>and Emma Atkinson EICs delivering ‘positive change’
Three qualified teachers and a criminology graduate with youth work experience have teamed up with Cleveland Police to deliver innovative courses that aim to make “positive changes” to children’s behaviour.
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Street theatre puts spotlight on County Lines exploitation
North Wales Police has staged a theatre performance to educate the public about the dangers and signs of exploitation by gangs. The production, ‘County Lines’, recreated different scenarios seen by officers where people had been exploited through this emerging drug-dealing model.
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Force highlights subculture hate crime
A powerful new campaign #BehindtheUniform aims to raise awareness on how people from alternative communities or subcultures, such as punks, goths or emos, should be treated equally despite the way they look.
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Online dangers explored through photography
Photography and the creative arts have been used as a platform for young people to understand the potential dangers found online.
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<b><i>Katy Bourne Women ‘at heart’ of new justice model
A new approach to addressing the complex needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged women coming into contact with the criminal justice system is being developed in Sussex to help them “turn their lives around”
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<b><i>(left to right) Lara Mcnab, Tom Rogers,<br>Michael Goucher and Philip Seccombe ‘Best use of powers’ boosts public protection
Training to “ensure that every effort is made to prevent the creation of more victims” has been given to frontline practitioners from a range of criminal justice agencies across Warwickshire.
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