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<b><i>Danielle Williams</b></i> A dogged approach
Recent reports show that police need to do more to identify modern slavery. Intelligence analyst Danielle Williams tells Police Professional how she and Greater Manchester Police worked tirelessly on bringing down a human trafficking gang.
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ACIA annual awards

This year has seen a phenomenal growth in nominations for the
Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts annual awards, with
almost all identifying significant examples of analytical good
practice. A group of high-profile judges included Betsy Stanko, head of
analysis at the Metropolitan Police Service, Jack Wraith, Andrew Kent,
head of research at the Home Office, Kate Pearce, former head of
profession at the National Policing Improvement Agency, Shane Johnson,
senior reader at the Jill Dando Institute, plus winners from last year.

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Engaging with technology
Telecommunication is used by organised criminals to commit offences,
enabled and made lucrative by rapidly-evolving technology. In a
presentation to analysts, industry expert Jack Wraith explains the
implications of major developments expected in the next 12 months.

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Analysis of comms data: now and in the future
In a world of ever-evolving technology, it
is increasingly important that analysts are ahead of the game when
understanding the most up-to-date means of communication. Saskia Welman
explores the latest ways in which analysts can collect and interpret data.

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Making cash safe
The issue of so-called ‘cash in transit’ crimes is one that has been
increasingly in the media spotlight since the high-profile Tonbridge
Wells depot robbery. As a result in increased activity, this type of
crime has been identified as a national policing priority and expansion
of the ‘Safercash’ project. Police Professional reports.

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Neighbourhood violence: the link with alcohol sales
More alcohol sales sites in a neighbourhood equate to more violence, and the highest assault rates are associated with ‘carry-out’ sites selling alcohol for off-premise consumption, according to research from two US university professors.

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Increase in violence
Using different suites of spatial regression models, the researchers found that adding one off-premise alcohol sales site per square mile would create 2.3 more simple assaults and 0.6 more aggravated assaults per square mile.
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Ecological association
The researchers pointed to possible implications from the research on both public policy and on future research within the field of criminology.
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Young assault victims often involved in subsequent violence
When adolescents are treated in an emergency department after being assaulted, they have a significant chance of being involved in another violent encounter soon afterwards, according to new research in the US.
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Focused intelligence
In a time of ever-tightening budgets for forces throughout the UK, it
is more important than ever that analysis is used to focus scarce
resources where it is most effective and in ways to save money. Saskia
Welman reports.

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