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Fruits of their labour
Sergeant Leanne Carr of Lincolnshire Police stands accused of having posted ‘raunchy’ photographs of herself last year, while she was on a spell of seven months’ sick leave, caused by stress. This appears to have been a useful form of therapy, as she has now returned to work. Detective Superintendent Suzanne Davies tells us that Sgt Carr was off sick while an internal misconduct investigation, eventually resolved by a misconduct meeting, was carried out.
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They are out there, somewhere…
Eight Argentine police officers have been dismissed for claiming that 540kg out of a total of 6,000kg of seized marijuana has been eaten by mice. The city's former police commissioner, Javier Specia, sportingly backed the explanation put forward by the officers, who will now be required to testify before Judge Adrián González Charvay in May.
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Music to my ears
The 35-man (and I mean man) Derbyshire Constabulary Male Voice Choir has decided to ‘change its name and distance itself from the force’ rather than become a mixed-voice group. This is called ‘jumping before being pushed’.
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You stab my back, I’ll stab yours
Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) commissioner, has decided that the frightening escalation of fatal stabbings in London, which has briefly overtaken the rates in New York, has been caused by social media because it has, in her view, created a platform that sees trivial disputes escalate into violence “within minutes”. She says “there's definitely something about the impact of social media in terms of people being able to go from slightly angry with each other to ‘fight’ very quickly”. Naughty social media.
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About that £450m I promised…
Theresa May has been officially rebuked by Sir David Norgrove, chair of the UK Statistics Authority, for misleading MPs and the public by making false claims that the government is to provide an extra £450 million in funding to English and Welsh forces in 2018/19. That will teach her. Oh no it won’t! She has gone on to repeat her claim in the Commons just a day after. The way things are going she will get rebuked again.
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Snow news is good news
The recent spell of cold weather has, inevitably, led to increased calls to the police, even in Scotland, where such events are perhaps less of a surprise, and calls are not expected to be answered.
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Crumbs of comfort
Last month, PC Thomas Hooper, an officer based at the Kingston Operational Command Unit in South West London, stood charged with gross misconduct, accused of taking a colleague’s medium-sized, two tier tin of biscuits and, in an apparently unrelated incident, was also alleged to have applied to cancel a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) issued to him for speeding. It was claimed he gave false accounts of both incidents.
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Hanging on the telephone
Rebecca Jenkins, a former detective at Essex Police, has been awarded £10,825 after slipping while retrieving her phone from a ceiling void. Why, readers might ask, was her phone up there?
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Where have all the flower sellers gone?
Nearly 200 mainly Lithuanian and Romanian migrant daffodil pickers employed at a farm raided by Devon and Cornwall Police have written to demand an apology for having been made to feel like victims after three arrests were made on suspicion of modern slavery and gangmaster offences. The suspects have since been bailed.
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Simon (allegedly) says
Simon Byrne, the chief constable of Cheshire Constabulary (as we go to press), faces a two-week disciplinary hearing in April. He is accused of having angry outbursts, conducting aggressive attacks, lacking authority, respect, courtesy, and self control, and exhibiting volatile unpredictable and offensive behaviour.
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