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Advocating change
Executive Feature
Mike Fuller is combining his valuable policing experience and legal
training to represent users of the criminal justice system and ensure
criticism is always constructive.

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Excellence in Policing Awards
executive feature
Six police forces received recognition for their work at last month’s ACPO Excellence in Policing Awards.
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Positive risk-taking in policing
Executive Feature
David Carson and Suzie Clift consider the difficulties and possible outcomes from taking a positive approach to risk.
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Restructuring an iconic force
executive feautre
The City of London Police was first established in 1839 and is steeped
in history. So when its chief officer team decided to restructure, it
was by no means a small task, practically and culturally. Chief
Inspector Andy Willmer and Sergeant Jesse Wynne explain the changes.

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Addressing ‘postcode’ gangs
executive feautre
South Yorkshire Police is working with partner agencies in Sheffield to
address the challenges caused by so-called ‘postcode’ gangs. While it
is only a minority of people involved in gangs, the impact of their
actions is felt widely among communities across the city. Chief
Superintendent Paul Broadbent, district commander for Sheffield,
explains here how his officers are taking a wide-ranging approach to
tackle the problem at its roots.

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Sleepwalking into a reactionary society: in defence of local authority surveillance
executive feautre
The recent wave of media coverage expressing varying degrees of outrage
at the inappropriate use by local authorities of so-called ‘anti-terror
legislation’ has highlighted a series of fundamental misunderstandings.
Andy Morling argues that Article 8 of the Human Rights Act could
provide more reasons for the greater use of covert techniques.

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Powers of scrutiny
executive feature
Police authorities held their annual conference this week and central
to debate is likely to be the role they play and the influence they
have over key policing issues. In the first of what will be a regular,
‘Voice of Authority’, feature Fraser Sampson discusses the scrutiny
role authorities have regarding section 44 of the Terrorism Act.

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Effectiveness of CCTV: A question of management
executive feature
It is often reported that the UK tops the world league for the most
CCTV cameras per head of population. Some experts put the figure at 4.2
million cameras, that’s one for every 14 citizens. Others such as IMS
Research put it closer to 3.2 million cameras. What is not often
reported is the fact that about half of all these cameras are
ineffective when it comes to generating quality evidence to secure

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Value from simplicity
executive feature
Doing things in a simpler way – whether that is using discretion, coping with the financial situation or managing the way specialisms are delivered – will be a central theme to a major restructure that will change the way West Midlands Police conducts its business.
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The missing link
executive feature
The Missing Persons Bureau has increased in size, transferred out of
the Metropolitan Police Service and is strengthening its relationships
with forces around the UK and internationally to improve the
coordination of the search for missing people and provide a better
response to the criticism of the way the police handle inquiries.

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