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Technology helps police identify 3,000 missing children in four days
Thousands of children are being reunited with their families after police launched a trial of a new facial recognition system.
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<b><i>Paul Gibson: 'Derbyshire was<br>the only county that I was<br>intending to apply for'</b></i> Temporary ACCs given permanent role
Derbyshire Constabulary has officially selected a new assistant chief constable.
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Police in Spain seize record nine tons of cocaine
A drugs find among boxes of bananas is reportedly the largest ever haul in a single shipping container in Europe, Spanish police believe.
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MPS tackles youth relations with football tournament
Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service will kick off a football tournament with local young people in an attempt to gain their trust.
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‘Hundreds more officers’ on patrol as London homicides up 44 per cent
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has pledged to deploy more officers as London’s murder rate soared by 44 per cent.
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International operation takes down DDOS website with over 135,000 users
A website linked to more than four million Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks across the world has been shut down following an investigation led by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Dutch National Police.
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Officers join forces with colleagues across the world to target fake and rotten food
More than 3,600 tonnes of dangerous food has been taken off the market through an international crackdown on fraud.
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<b><i>David Gauke: Impact in <br>Scotland looked at closely</b></i> Justice Secretary ‘considers backing Bill’ to introduce new upskirting law
The UK Government is leaning towards following Scotland’s lead with a specific sexual offence for taking pictures up women’s skirts.
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<b><I>Keith Boots was told he<br>must repay £135,280 ‘Corrupt’ jailed officer told to repay drugs proceeds
A former police inspector who stole confiscated drugs and sold them back onto the streets has been ordered to repay more than £135,000.

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<b><i>Police recorded almost 40,000<br>knife offences last year, the<br>most since 2011</b></i> Home Secretary told she ‘cannot remain in office’ as knife and gun crime surge
The Home Secretary has been urged to step down following yet another rise in knife and gun crime.
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