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<b><i>Dr Baranowski</b></i> Just a drama?
Following numerous attempts to commit crimes by using what they learnt from fictional television series, research has shown whether offenders really have evaded justice as a result of what they watched.
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Sport helps young people ‘face down’ extremism
A youth football club in Sheffield is tackling extremism “head on” through sport.
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Collapse of hundreds of prosecutions due to rape case failings
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has admitted “systemic disclosure issues” after more than 900 criminal cases were reportedly dropped last year due to a failure by police forces or prosecutors to disclose evidence.
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Help for children exposed to domestic abuse
A pilot project that provides “early support and intervention to vulnerable children” living with domestic abuse is to be rolled out to more schools across the West Midlands after positive feedback from teachers and staff.
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<b><i>Live streaming BWV footage</b></i> Next-generation emergency response
The use of live streaming video by first responders is being encouraged by the introduction of the Government’s new Emergency Services Network, being provided by mobile operator EE, which will give police access to 4G voice and data for the first time.
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<b><i>Marie Clutterbuck</b></i> The dawn of proactive policing
Marie Clutterbuck explains how real-time video linked to facial recognition technology has the potential to help forces move from working reactively to proactively.
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Ben Bradley, aged 28, the MP for Mansfield and recently appointed as Tory Vice-Chairman for Youth, stands accused of having, in his own youth, in 2011, written a blog in which he encouraged police brutality after the London riots.
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<b><i>The GPS tagging programme<br>is five years behind schedule</b></i> ‘Ill-fated’ GPS tagging scheme a ‘waste of public money’
Long-delayed plans to fit dangerous criminals with GPS monitoring bracelets have been condemned as a “catastrophic waste of public money”.
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<b><i>Shaun Bailey: seeking assurances<br>over rape investigation progress</b></i> New assault claim could block Worboys release
Officers are investigating a new sexual assault allegation against serial rapist John Worboys that could lead to him staying in custody.
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<b><i>Died: Rashan Charles</b></i> Banning mouth searches will lead to all suspects putting drugs in their mouths, forces warned
Policing’s reaction to the death of Rashan Charles threatens to expose officers to “life-threatening” confrontations every time people suspected of placing drugs or other packages in their mouths are searched, it has been claimed.
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