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Knife and gun crime figures unconnected
03 Dec 2009

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, has denied any connection between falling knife crime figures and a rise gun crime.

The matter was raised at last week’s Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) meeting as a result of figures showing that Operation Blunt 2 was continuing to prove successful in reducing knife crime, but gun crime was comparatively on the increase.
MPA member Graham Speed asked whether there was a displacement in these crimes from one to the other.

Sir Paul said that it was a natural conclusion that a reduction in one was related to a rise in the other, however, research revealed no direct link.
Crimes involving guns were very different to the gang-related knife crime that was falling in the city, Sir Paul said, but added that it was important to continue to keep an eye on the trends as it was possible that a pattern could emerge in the future.

Sir Paul told the MPA that tackling people with guns is part of its work – it is almost too late once the guns hit the street and the priority should be stopping the wrong people getting hold of firearms in the first place.

Preventative work should therefore be the priority, Sir Paul said, but added that it was largely the responsibility of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to tackle the illegal sale of firearms both nationally and internationally.
  • Some MPS departments are being asked to make a disproportionate amount of cuts to overtime, MPA member Jenny Jones has claimed.
As part of the discussions to approve the force budget for 2010/11, she said central operations was making cuts of just 1.7 per cent, while another department was making cuts of nine per cent.
Ms Jones said this was confusing and, as the number of officers was increasing, overtime should be cut.
Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse, said the finance committee was satisfied with the proposals and the budget was passed.


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