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Roadside drug testing made simple
30 Jul 2009

The global leader for screening drivers for possible recent drug consumption is DrugWipe.
European traffic police started using DrugWipe at the vehicle back in 1997 to confirm their initial suspicions of bad driving or causing an accident due to drugs from a simple wipe on the skin or five-second saliva swab.
In the late 1990s, England ran the world’s first – and possibly still the largest – roadside screening trial with 5,000 DrugWipes. However, little has changed in the UK over the last ten years.
It was left to Europe and Australia to actively take up the anti-drug-driving mantle.
The EU funded and ran Rosita 1 (RoadSide Testing Assessment) and Rosita 2 – joint EU-US projects designed to evaluate on-site roadside drug-testing devices – and then Druid (Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines), trialling equipment, procedures and comparing laws concerning the use of drugs or medicines that affect people’s ability to drive safely. In each of these trials, DrugWipe was used by all the participating countries, and in quantities far outweighing any other device.
Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG – developer of cutting-edge technology to facilitate the detection of drugs, explosives and dangerous substances – has received a report stating DrugWipe is a “usable device” for European policing. It has, however, been in use at the roadside in Germany since 1997 and Australia since 2004, and now also in Switzerland, Finland, Iceland and the Czech Republic, with others on the way.
Why is DrugWipe so popular? Because an officer who has witnessed bad driving or an accident and suspects drink or drugs, wants something to “confirm this suspicion”.
Once a drug, or multiple drugs, have been detected on the screener, officers know a blood sample has to be taken as soon as possible.
Drugwipe is a small, simple-to-use device that can be used either at the suspect’s vehicle or inside the police vehicle, working in virtually any climatic conditions and not requiring an electronic reader, recalibration or a briefcase and printer to clog up the traffic car.
DrugWipe is a disposable, commodity budget item requiring no capital expenditure.

DrugWipe from D.tec International Ltd. Visit www.dtecinternational.com or call 0800 371898.
Created in 1996, D.tec International is the sole UK distributor for the Securetec range of instant readout, disposable drug detection products. DrugWipe is the global leader for roadside driver drug screening and extensively used for safety-critical employee drug-testing.


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