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98 per cent of workforce loses confidence in PCC following ‘devastating’ officer reductions
16 Apr 2018

<b><i>Michael Lane: 'I will continue<br>to work to build confidence<br>and trust'
Michael Lane: 'I will continue
to work to build confidence
and trust'
Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) has overwhelmingly lost a vote of confidence from officers following cuts to specialist teams.

The Hampshire Police Federation (HPF) vote had a 60 per cent turnout, with 98 per cent of the officers voting against Michael Lane.

It comes after the PCC confirmed he would be decreasing the number of officers at Hampshire Constabulary by 110, as well as 52 police staff, in an attempt to save £8 million.

Last month, Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary confirmed its shared dog section – made up of 60 officers – would be scaled down.

Cuts to specialist teams at Hampshire Constabulary have been described as “devastating” by the federation.

And police and crime panel chair Dave Stewart said Hampshire and Isle of Wight residents would “not be happy” with the proposals.

On Friday (April 13), the PCC defended his spending, noting that he has safeguarded 160 officer roles from being cut this year through a £12 rise in the council tax precept.

Mr Lane said: “I care about our police officers and staff, and working to ensure people in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton are safer is my absolute priority.

“I take the views of all police officers, including those who took the time to vote, extremely seriously and I will continue to work to build confidence and trust.

“I have done all I can and continue to do all I can within budget to ensure victims are supported, vulnerable people are protected and the chief constable is empowered to ensure policing is as effective and efficient as possible. I continue to invest more than 98 per cent of my total budget in policing.”

HPF declined to comment on the results of the vote.


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