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PCC Elections 2016: Results service
07 May 2016

Wiltshire won the race to be the first to declare its result in the #PCC2016 elections.

However, the day after the elections (May 6) brought a number of changes in 35 other force areas and, now with Sunday's (May 8's) declarations, we have the full make-up of PCCs across England and Wales.

There are now: 20 Conservative PCCs (up 4 on the 2012 election), 15 Labour (up 3), three independents (down 9) and two Plaid Cymru PCCs for the first time.

In addition, Labour has won the London mayoral vote, securing another gain from the Conservatives, and there was not an election in Greater Manchester as a result of devolution developments. In both cities the mayor is also the PCC.

Below is a full breakdown of the results for all 40 polls:


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