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Advertorial: the biggest city in the UK, the biggest policing challenges
20 Dec 2012

London is a continually evolving city – and so is the service that polices it. The capital has eight million people living in some 620 square miles, which calls for the varied skills of around 55,000 Metropolitan Police officers, staff and volunteers. In a city that never stops, where the challenges just keep on coming, new talent is not just welcome – it’s nothing less than essential.

Detective Constables – tackling crime throughout the capital
Various locations across London

Detectives Constables operate at the very heart of the service, across the whole of London. They are not assigned to a particular borough. Instead they apply their skills wherever they’re required, providing a flexible capability.

As you can imagine, these experienced officers have a tremendously varied role. The Met Police recruits to a wide range of different teams covering every type of crime in the capital. If you have substantive experience, you could join us in one of the following critical areas: Rape and Sexual Offences Command; Child Abuse Command; Surveillance Command; Specialist Economic Crime Command; Operation Trident; and the Counter Terrorism Command.

We’ll expect you to be capable of taking cases to court; analysing data; interrogating suspects; and gathering intelligence. Those considering Operation Trident must have particular experience in reactive and proactive policing, in the serious and organised crime or gang crime category. Investigative roles in Counter Terrorism call for proven experience of conducting reactive and proactive investigations, ideally with some knowledge of Counter Terrorism policing. To join Surveillance Command you must be an advanced trained motorcyclist with current surveillance accreditation.

To apply, please visit our website to download a role specific information pack and application form.

Detective Constables requiring any further information for Specialist Crime Operational Command Units' should email Sue Bullen at Sue.Bullen@met.police.uk quoting the relevant reference number for the command you wish to apply for:
SCO 2-Rape and Serious Sexual Assault Command  IRC51638
SCO 5-Child Abuse Investigations Command   IRC51639
SCO 7-Serious & Organised Crime Command   IRC51640
SCO 8-Trident Gang Command     IRC51643
SCO 9-Specialist and Economic Crime Command   IRC51641
SCO 11-Surveillance Command     IRC51642

Detective Constables requiring any further information for Specialist Operations Counter Terrorism Command, should email Diana Hills at Diana.Hills@met.police.uk quoting reference number IRC51636.

Alternatively, please contact our Recruitment team by emailing transferees@met.police.uk, quoting the relevant reference number above. 

Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers
Leman Street, London E1

The Met’s Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19) carries out both covert and overt police operations that involve an identified threat to life. It means officers could be operating a covert vehicle one day and taking part in an armed intervention the next. They also contribute to hostage rescue operations and to help target organised criminal networks.

The nature of these duties calls for up-to-date training and expertise. It’s essential that all new CTSFOs must also be flexible. They are part of a full-time operation that protects London, 24-7. They must therefore be prepared to work shifts, as part of a rota. Recruits must have attended a relevant Met Police training course within the last 12-18 months.

To apply, please visit our website to download the guidance notes and application form.

If you have any further queries about the role of Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer, please email Chief Inspector Nick Bennett at Nicholas.Bennett@met.pnn.police.uk quoting reference number IRC51634. Interviews for this role will take place week commencing 4 February 2013.
Alternatively, please contact our Recruitment team by emailing transferees@met.police.uk, quoting the relevant reference number above.

Completed applications must be returned by 11 January 2013.
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The Metropolitan Police Service is an equal opportunities employer.


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