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Principles over policy
07 May 2010

Strategic thinking for policing
Strategic thinking for policing
In this second instalment of the Strategic Command Course Gaudi groups’ contributions to major strategic challenges, future leaders of police and law enforcement agencies detail their significant proposals to make policing more effective.

Participants on the Strategic Command Course represent the most promising senior officers applying for chief officer positions, police staff in or approaching chief officer status and senior officers in law enforcement organisations and overseas police forces.

Part of the 2010 course involved studying key strategic issues on behalf of the police service to identify potential solutions. Last week, Police Professional featured articles produced by participants on three major topics, which included significant proposals for managing during the forthcoming period of austerity, the role of ethical decision-making and how to increase police accountability locally. These proposals should provide the basis for further debate and inform any strategic and political decisions that are made.

In this edition, we feature three more articles written by the remaining participants on other important topics. Firstly, one of the Gaudi groups – named after architect Antoni Gaudi whose work was said to ‘never be finished’ – writes on the future of the Association of Chief Police Officers across the whole of the UK. The second group makes proposals to manage risk more effectively and the third provides suggestions to maintain and improve the legitimacy of the police.

In addition, a syndicate of participants has responded to a challenge set by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Denis O’Connor, to position policing to deal with the difficult issues it faces in the future. They urge a number of reforms to make the service fit to deal with the issues in the medium and long term.

We also share the visions of a number of participants and a syndicate director who, after graduating three years ago, charts the changes to make the course relevant to today’s challenges and explains why she believes the course offers significant value to those wishing to put something back into leadership development.
Click on the following links for the Gaudi articles on the future role for ACPO, police legitimacy and managing risk. Click here for the article on positioning the police for the future
Click on the following link for interviews with some of the participants in the 2010 Strategic Command Course


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