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<b><i>Martin Wyke (left) and<br>Neil Roberts Leading the IT challenge
Martin Wyke and Neil Roberts answer questions about the role of national bodies in developing police technology into the future.
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<b><i>Superintendent Phil Davies Corporately mobile
At the recent Police ICT Summit, Superintendent Phil Davies explained how the challenges to implementing new devices at Greater Manchester Police are being overcome through changes in culture and how future reforms will consider mobile working at the outset.
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<b><i>Chief Constbale Stephen Kavanagh Solving IT together
A clash of national and local IT developments are about to bring considerable complexities to policing but, as the recent Police ICT Summit heard, imaginative investment in collaborative decisions could ensure all the pieces of the puzzle are lined up to the benefit of the public.
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<b><i>Julia Mulligan Transforming to a vision
The service’s more “imaginative” investments are managed by the Police Reform and Transformation Board (PRTB) – a body set up to oversee reform after the Home Office said it would not dictate direction from the centre – and which will also manage bids to the Police Transformation Fund and send them to the Home Office for validation.
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<b><i>Ian Bell explains the work being<br>conducted to develop agile and<br>flexible digital services in<br>collaboration Digital discoveries
In September 2016, the Police Reform and Transformation Board set a challenge to the National Police Technology Council and Police ICT Company to develop ways common police functions, common underpinning services and discreet areas of business could be developed in a more refined or singular fashion.
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<b><i>Ian Dyson & Sarah Wilkinson Oversight and coordination
Given the scale of national IT programmes being updated, the Home Office, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) realised they needed a coordinating body to manage their implementation.
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<b><i>Sir Tom Winsor A contract for reform
In looking to reform, there is much policing can learn from outside the service. Sir Thomas Winsor suggests.
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Digital innovators
A vital part of the Police ICT Summit in January was the market of small and medium-sized suppliers offering services that are helping to transform policing.
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